EP 6 | Correcting Imbalances, Fixing Pain, and Developing Confident Athletes ft. Active Life RX

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Jul 23 2017 48 mins  
Dr. Sean Pastuch is the co-owner of Active Life RX, The Active Life Chiropractic, and Crossfit Island Park. Dr. Sean assesses, corrects, and treats Crossfitters and athletes, including 25 elite 2017 Crossfit Games Athletes. In this Episode, Dr. Sean joins Natalie to discuss strength imbalances for not just Crossfit athletes, but all athletes and humans, as well as fitness, buy-in, and the Active Life RX story. In All In, Natalie interviews top athletes, entrepreneurs, and influencers, with the goal of inspiring motivated individuals to take action in their own lives. Whether you’re into fitness, health, business, or general self-improvement and well-being, All In shares the stories of top performers through actionable tips, tactics, and tools that you can use to learn and grow in all aspects of your life. www.natalieallport.com