It's Time y'all...

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Aug 02 2020 21 mins  

YUURRRR !! What's up y'all I'm back spilling my brains out recording a podcast lol.. Yooooo today.. I'm talking about time.

Time is crazy... SOOOOOO much has happened over the last 8 MONTHS... BRUHHH IT'S BEEN 8 MONTHS OF 2020 and it feels like it's been more like 3. THAT'S TUFF !!! -_- smh.. 

I honestly hope you guy's have been doing well in life, Please keep your head up and deadass follow your passions .. It's time to live for you and to be risky .. START that business you want that youtube channel that relationship or that new job.. Move to abroad if that's what's in your heart but most importantly .. Please try to connect with GOD as a friend.. I'm not their as yet but I'm going to start trying everyday for now on. I want to start doing my body right as well, Less drinking and eating bad food moving towards a healthy me for hopefully a clear mind.. I just want to be the best version of me I can be.

The only person your battling is yourself.. Your in the ring.. and you better win.. You will win, keep a positive mindset ( easy af to say hard as to do ) and just know no matter how dark life may seem right now.. YOU ARE LIGHT and it will get better. 

EDIT ~ I wonder if I sound crazy to you guys lol it's cool tho.. someone needs to hear this .. Good Luck y'all !! 

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