Is it me or ... 2020 ??

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Aug 09 2020 18 mins  

YUUURRR what's good y'all!! 2020 got me in my FEELS lol but frfr I'm tryna understand wtf to do next in life and growing up gets harder and harder every month! TUFF !! Ik we can get through anything in this life that is thrown at us so keep ya head up frfr and PRAY ya'll! 

In this episode, I talk about how we should focus on finding that "thing" that brings us ultimate happiness.. or to try something new all together. Life is only getting harder as we grow up and I talk a lil bout that and what I'm currently going through. 

Most important is the shii that's going on around the world rn.. we need to stay aware and prepared but also keep our energy high and happy.. Easy said hard asf to do! 

Please have at least 2 weeks of food and water stocked up y'all it's important since we have these hurricanes and natural disasters happening plus .. 2020 smh.. I love y'all stay safe! 

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