Mind Games Podcast 3- I don't feel ok,, RIP KOBE

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Jan 26 2020 8 mins  

In this episode I just let y'all know exactly how I'm feeling today.. Today is kinda shit honestly but ... I'm trying to stay as positive as I can and work through my sadness. I  have a lot of issues going on and then when I heard the news about Kobe I just like WTF.. FR FR WTF ! It's still JANUARY !! So much has happened and I'm trying to just push through this game of life.. I hope whoever is reading this your day is bright is full of happiness. Just know it's easy to be negative but it's hard asf to be positive so I ask you.. What are 3 things your grateful for rn that if you didn't have tmr you'd be lost ? Is it walking? your fam ? you voice? what? LMK in the comments what your grateful for and honestly y'all pray and live life to the best of your ability b/c tmr is not promised.