Success & Principles with Shaun McCausland

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May 18 2020 44 mins  

This week I invited my father, Shaun, to come on the podcast remotely. We discussed what success means, having regrets, and standing ground with your principles throughout the decisions you make. Do you have to give up your dreams in order to make good money? How do you look back on your own life? Do you have regrets or are you happy for where you've been? This is a bit more of a personal episode for me and reflects the calm relationship I have with my father. I'm so glad he was able to be on this episode and I hope you enjoy our conversation. I apologize for the high-pitched feedback on my end. I got it fixed AFTER the episode was recorded. Oops. Artwork is by Joseph Moffat ( on Instagram) and Music for this week was brought to you by Angie Petty (, Angie Petty on Spotify, and @apettymusic on Instagram). 

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