Welcome to the very first episode of the International Women in Business Mastermind with Ms. Vihil H. Vigil, Women's Empowerment Coach with Therapeutic Empowerment!

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Apr 02 2020 62 mins  

Goal Setting for Success! 

Although our workshop is about setting goals and planning for an AMAZING 2019, we want to begin our session by taking a look back. 

It can be so hard to see the progress you are making in your business when you are constantly in forward motion. Reflecting, however, is a key skill and crucial for business owners to identify meaningful lessons through their experiences. 

Reflecting can help you to: 

Be less stressed.

By purposely slowing down and taking time out to think and reflect, you will also release a lot of stress. 

Get Clear!

By digging into the details and analyze the trending data of your business this will help you to ensure you don't keep doing things that aren't 100% beneficial to your business. 

Learn from your experiences!

Without taking the time to reflect you aren't going to be able to process and analyze how things have gone and understand how to make improvements moving forward. 

Learn more by speaking with Vihil personally! Click here to choose the best time for you!

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