Connecting Through Memoirs Podcast Episode #2 Feeling Frustrated

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Apr 03 2020 8 mins  

Hello everyone :) 

Welcome to Connecting Through Memoirs Podcast Episode #2 Feeling Frustrated  As of next week I will be posting a brand new episode with my first guest. For now it is me, Ameera, home alone on St. Maarten.  

By the look on my face you can already see that something is up. I am feeling frustrated indeed. You see, I live on a small island called St. Maarten located in the Caribbean. Our main source of income is Tourism. Yup that's right. Tourism. So can you guess what is happening now to our economy with this crisis? Exactly. ZERO  Now everyone is forcing the community to go ONLINE. Seriously? Online. In a country where we are more likely to Stand In Line than Go Online. What makes me even more steamed is that the senior citizens here have not at all been properly educated to go online.  There is a huge illiteracy problem on our island also. Now schools are online?   

Problem #1: Schools going online from 1 day to the next. The stress caused affects children, teachers and parents. Why? Because we had ZERO transition into it. EVERRRR. So now almost everyone is on ZOOM and still figuring out what is ZOOM. Stressssss.  

Problem #2: With everywhere shutting down and no one can leave or enter the country and schools being closed, what will happen to us as a people? Our mindset? No possibility to socialise other than online when online was never a strong avenue of communicating on a small island.   

Problem #3: Small businesses and start up entrepreneurs. What will happen to us? Unlike America and other places with more possibilities, we do not have online payment options for our business to attract clients. We do not have access to Western Union Online or Money Gram. A variety of apps do not work in our country. All we have is bank Wire Transfers with High Fees. Not to mention that Uber, Craigslist, Classifieds, Walmart all are non existent here. With no online option for payment, how can we make money overseas?  

I can go on and on (trust me). That is just some of the frustrations we face living on an Island with limited possibilities and resources. People can come here and make money because they are not from here. They are using their resources and connections. We, on the other hand, can't even do that in our own country unless we HAVE A CONNECTION. Sad but true.  

So yes. I AM FRUSTRATED!!!!!!  

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