Season 1 Episode #003 Jamol openly speaks about his difficulties with pornography and masturbation admitting that a relationship with God saved his life.

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Apr 22 2020 26 mins  

(Attention; Adult Content)
Welcome Everyone.

You are about to listen to an amazing interview with host, Ameera Groeneveldt, and guest Jamol, speaking about the topic;What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge in Life, And How Did You Overcome It?

Below, I will give you my takeaways (Gold Nuggets) from the interview. Feel free to comment, Share, Like, Subscribe and all that good stuff.

From the moment we started to speak I could hear he was a bit nervous. For this reason, I always want to make sure have a 5-minute warm up talk with my guests to get them comfortable before diving into such a deep conversation. He is from Grenada and I loved his accent indeed. Shows how creative God is with giving His children different sounds.

Even though there was connection issues and background noises, we did not let that stop us from having an amazing conversation filled with openness and transparency.

So, his topic truly hit home with him and he was ready to go. He is now 25 years old. Between the ages of 5 and 16, he struggled with self-acceptance because his father did not want him to be born and asked his mother to have an abortion. He was having a hard time believing that he was meant to be born and that he has value. Who wouldn’t right? So, he had to find his true self, joy and happiness. Along the way he started partaking in masturbation and pornography. He said he had control but at the same time was not able to stop. The stresses of life, his dad not being in his life, the masturbation and pornography, and his feeling of worthlessness took a toll on his body. He started having health issues and chest pains.

He knew God but he did not have a personal relationship with Him. Wrong decision after wrong decision concluded that he needed help and could not do it alone because it was not working. He is the only male in the house with his sisters and his mother. So, he has always been around females. He was also in several relationships. Some toxic. But in the end, they were not like minded to where he wanted to go and his walk with the Lord. So, he had to cut off whom needed to be cut off for his sake and get back to where he needed to be. Walking the right way with Jesus. He truly believes God saved his life and helped him to overcome his difficulties and struggles in life.

(CLICK HERE to read the rest of his story)

Gold Nugget Quote; His message for anyone going through this is: Try and find God. Talk to Him. He will listen and help guide you down the right path. Put your life in his hands. Amen

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