Show #19 Inclusionism with Steven Schwartz, VP of Strategy of Cytegic the global InsurTech

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Sep 01 2019 58 mins  
JFK talked with Steven Schwartz (@TheCyberSteve) a Top Insurance & Cyber Industry influencer speaks on the role of regulation in cyber resilience. Steven Schwartz is the VP of Strategy and Insurance at Cytegic, quantifying cyber risk across the entire insurance and risk value chain. Mr. Schwartz was most recently a Managing Director at CEO Quest, working with venture capital funds coaching tech-company CEOs towards accelerated company growth within the insurance industry. Recognized as an innovation leader in the fields of risk management and cybersecurity, Mr. Schwartz is a Co-Founder of The Data Union and previously founded GCC, a firm providing strategic advisory support to companies managing their risk profiles. Mr. Schwartz was the SVP of Business Development & Senior Managing Consultant at UIC, Inc., where he personally managed and negotiated the risk management & insurance programs for F2000 entities paying in excess of $50M in Annual Premium across 40 countries. Mr. Schwartz began his career as the 20th employee as a Data QA Engineer at healthcare analytics start-up, TreoSolutions, through the company’s nine-figure exit five years later as a Senior Data Analyst with 180 employees. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: