Show #34 Inclusionism with Isiah James for US Congress in NY-9

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Dec 16 2019 32 mins  
JFK sits down with fellow US Congressional Candidate, Isiah James a Democratic Social running in NY-9. From his website I was born the son of two working-class parents. My father was a day laborer who immigrated to Brooklyn from the island of Jamaica. My mother was born in rural Mississippi, growing up in a sharecropping town at the height of racial segregation. My parents instilled in me a profound sense of determination and perseverance — but more importantly, a sense of unyielding responsibility to fight for what I believe in — values I carry with me to this day. I’m familiar with the struggles of working-class families because I’ve lived it, watching my parents work — day in and day out, to provide for me and my ten siblings. And though they surrounded us with an abundance of love, my parents often struggled - - facing the rising costs of groceries, housing and transportation - they still managed to send us to decent public schools and equip us with an education. ‍ From an early age I was aware that opportunities for Americans like me and my family were often limited, not because of a lack of potential or work ethic, but because of a broken system that extracted labor and resources from communities like mine, but seldom provided pathways to a better life. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast: