1. What Is Clean Beauty? Why Is It Important For Your Health And What’s The Easiest Way To Make The Transition?

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Sep 01 2020 24 mins  

Hello Savvy Beauties, welcome to the premiere episode! I am thrilled to launch this podcast, thank you very much for listening and subscribing. In my first episode, we take a deep dive into clean beauty. We talk about what clean beauty really is and how you can adapt it into your lifestyle.

I explain why clean beauty is very important for your health and the environment and how conventional beauty and personal care products can adversely affect your health. 

I give you my top tip to help you make the transition with ease. You'll hear about the foreshadowing moment that led me on my green journey. I share my holistic approach and realistic philosophy about clean beauty and wellness. You have more control over your health and longevity than you might think.

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The Savvy Girl's Guide To Clean Beauty: Secrets To Looking Younger Without Harmful Chemicals™ https://www.subscribepage.com/10EasySteps

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