6. How to keep your nails healthy & why it’s important to use non toxic nail polish with Lauren Berkovitz, CEO and founder, Lauren B. Beauty

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Sep 22 2020 43 mins  

I’m excited to bring you the first Clean Beauty Scene interview and honored that my first guest is the fabulous and inspiring Lauren Berkovitz, CEO and founder of Lauren B. Beauty!

Do you wonder if greening your beauty routine means giving up nail polish and leaving your digits bare?! I am happy to report that you don’t have to give up your glamorously glossy manicures and pedicures to avoid health risks. Lauren B. Beauty offers long-wearing, chip resistant, vegan, luxury eco nail polish and nail care that is free of harmful chemicals. 

Listen to hear Lauren’s inspiring story, learn some valuable tips about nail care and why using non toxic nail polish is important for your health. She tells us why a very common practice at the nail salon that we’re told is good for our nails can actually harm them and make your polish chip sooner! Discover the truth about 7 free and the myth about 10 free formulations. You’ll also hear key takeaways on how she built her brand and the unique aspects that set Lauren B. Beauty apart.

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