9. What Are Xenoestrogens, How Do They Increase Your Risk Of Breast Cancer And How Do You Avoid Them? (And - Don't Get Pinkwashed)

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Oct 13 2020 23 mins  

Breast cancer awareness is important but prevention is the key. Xenoestrogens are toxins commonly found in conventional beauty and personal care products as well as many other items. They mess with hormone balance and increase your risk of not only breast and other cancers but also obesity, infertility, diabetes, miscarriage and more. Discover why they are harmful, how they increase your risk of breast cancer by creating estrogen dominance, and more importantly how to avoid them.

We dive into tips to help you reduce your risk of having a breast cancer diagnosis as we put the focus on illness prevention and healthy, fun living. I also illuminate a deceitful little practice known as Pinkwashing that you don’t want to fall for.    

Links and resources mentioned:  

Vibrant Life Group Program:  https://kellybonanno.com/2020/09/vibrantlifemethod/   

1:1 wellness coaching sessions with Kelly: https://kellybonanno.com/work-with-me/private-eco-wellness-session/ 

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners   https://www.bcpp.org/

Breast Cancer Freebies  https://breastcancerfreebies.com/

More on Xenoestrogens and tips to reduce breast cancer risk: https://kellybonanno.com/2019/10/xenoestrogens-what-are-they-how-do-they-increase-your-risk-of-breast-cancer-how-do-we-avoid-them/ 

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