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Oct 16 2020 5 mins  
Being in quarantine this past month has taught me a lot about myself. We're all forced to go within ourselves which, to me, is such a blessing being able to really dive deep into our thoughts and feelings.

So, in this episode, I want to talk to you about one thing I’ve learned about myself as I reflect during this quarantine. I took a trip down memory lane to look at the person I was in my past and the person I am now as a mom and a multi seven-figure business owner and what I realized is that a lot the big and difficult decisions I’ve made that have lead me to where I am now, have been based on my intuition.

I haven't gone to an Ivy League school, I don’t have a fancy piece of paper that shows my credentials, but what I have is the life I have now, the business that I've built, my family, and my team! I didn’t need all of the accolades and academic achievements to be blessed with so much. I have all these things because I followed my intuition and trusted in it one hundred percent!

In case you need to hear it today, you are enough! We all have the power within ourselves to lead a happy and meaningful life only if we listen and honor our instincts.


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