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May 08 2020 8 mins  
This is it! Our very first episode of Dream Into It podcast is live and I’m so excited!

Join me as I celebrate this launch! I’ve been sitting on this idea for months now and it’s finally out in the open for everyone to listen into.

In this pilot episode, I talk about my journey as an entrepreneur, of how I’ve been able to start a swimwear company, Fused Hawaii, from my garage with a $30 sewing machine and grow it into multiple 7 figures in less than three years. I also talk about my mission and what I hope to accomplish for the show, so tune in and see if this could be of value to you.

My hope for this podcast is to share inspiring stories and pages from my own book and that of other strong, successful women from my community who have decided to dream into it and overcome their own fears and obstacles along their way to success. Stories that will hopefully inspire you to never stop dreaming because I believe that you can live out your dream at every moment that you choose!

So, together, let’s Dream Into It!


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