12 - It's Ok Not To Be Ok

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Jul 31 2020 13 mins  
We're so used to seeing people’s highlight reels on social media and a lot of times we compare ourselves to the glamorous lives some people have based on what we see online. You know that I'm always transparent with you guys, so today, I'm sharing my day with you and how I'm feeling. I want to share with you all parts of my business and my life and maybe you'll see yourself in my story as well.

But you know what helps me get through all the hardships in life and business? It’s the help of other people. Whether that’s from my team, my family, or my husband most especially.

I know that sometimes asking for help is hard for a lot of us to do but at times, it’s best to get help when things seem overwhelming. Also, after building a multiple 7-figure business, I've learned to harness this self-awareness that allows me to catch these feelings when I’m overwhelmed, when things seem insurmountable. What I've realized is that I have control over my thoughts, my outcomes, and I think that’s very powerful.

Join me today on this episode and hopefully, you'll find some inspiration to help you get through those days when you're not feeling your best.


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