3: Dealing With Negativity

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May 22 2020 15 mins  

Today, I wanted to answer a question that was brought to me by one of the women in my audience. The question being, “How do I handle negative comments?”

In this episode, I answer this question based on how I personally handle negative comments whether it be in business, on social media, and life in general.

I remember being teased in first grade about my bikini and it tore my little heart apart. Today, in my adult life, negative comments come on the regular. The more I’ve grown in business, as an entrepreneur, as a brand influencer, as a leader in my community of tens of thousands of women, the more I see negative comments come up. They never stop. You just learn how to deal with them.

However, I’ve come a long way in handling negativity in life and business and I want to share with you what I’ve learned in those experiences and how I overcome negative comments today.

So, join me in this episode, and let's tackle this topic once and for all.



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