5: Work From Home And Have Fun Doing It

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Jun 05 2020 22 mins  
Aloha, dreamers! Most of us have been forced to work from home and I know this has been quite an adjustment for a lot of moms out there. I’m a mom of 4 so, trust me, I know what you’re going through!

So, in this episode, we'll talk about something I'm very familiar with being a mom who works from a home, and I want to share with you 9 of the things I’ve been doing on a daily basis to help me operate at a high level whether at home or in my business.

These are my work-from-home tips for you today. Feel free to take what might work for you.

I make my bed and keep my space tidy
I get dressed because I believe that when you look good, you feel good!
I create and follow a morning routine
I plan out my day
Communication is key!
I make sure I eat and take multiple breaks
I connect with the people in my life and my business
I move my body
I disconnect and decompress

This whole quarantine situation is all new to us, so be gentle with yourself - we’re all doing our best!

I can’t wait for you to dive into this episode. I hope you’ll find these tips helpful as you navigate your work-from-home life.


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