15 - Can You Wear a Bikini While Pregnant

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Aug 22 2020 15 mins  
Today’s conversation is going to take a little turn into bikini and pregnancy.

One question I get asked a lot is, “Can you wear a bikini while pregnant?” I’ve been pregnant four times and as you all you know, I am the owner of a swimwear brand, Fused Hawaii, and it began because I was pregnant and I needed a bikini for my growing body.

So, to answer the question, YES! Absolutely! You can wear a bikini while you’re pregnant. No matter what shape, size, color, or age you are just ROCK that bikini! End of story.

In this episode, we talk bout confidence, the changes your body goes through during pregnancy, adjusting and giving our body what it needs, and just giving ourselves credit for how strong and beautiful we are. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook so many good things about who we are because of our insecurities.

If you can take away anything from this episode, I want to know that every ounce of confidence that we can muster up in ourselves, that gets carried over to our children. What a gift that is to leave for them! Also, I want you to embrace all the changes and love your body mama, it’s been through so much!


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