13 - Your Feelings Are Valid

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Aug 07 2020 15 mins  

Here we are again with another episode. As always, I don’t have a script or structure to this episode, I just want you to see my process as it unfolds - including the good and the ugly.

As you all know, we’re in this time where our emotions are a little all over the place. There’s been so much fear and uncertainties, but I’ve come to learn to reframe my mind around all of these negative things going on in our lives right now. Imagine how amazing it will be when we come out on the other side? I’ve learned to look at 2020 as a blessing and wake up every day with gratitude.

As I document my journey through this process, I’ll share with you that I’ve been experiencing an emotional week. I’ve been feeling pains in my body, but I’m also paying more attention to what my body is telling me, and questioning if my physiological pains have anything to do with what is going on inside. Just observing, listening to my body, and diving deeper - I find it very interesting being able to uncover something deeper.

Whatever emotions you're feeling right now, the good news is you’re allowed to feel them. The other good news is, we have all the resources that we need to heal. Our self-awareness, our ability to choose how we react to things, our ability to observe and understand our emotions and choose how we move forward. We have all the tools we need right within ourselves, we just have to access them.

I hope that these stories that I share with you are also helping you and feel not so alone as you deal with our current situation with COVID-19. If you’ve listened to all of my episodes so far, you’ll know that I am just like you. We go through the same struggles. You are not alone.


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