10 - Kaelyn Keala Shares Her Story of Starting a Business In the Middle of Postpartum

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Jul 18 2020 34 mins  
I had a fun conversation with Kaelyn Keala, a member of our Empowered by Fused Hawaii community. I just wanted to meet as many women from our community and be able to shine the light on your stories.

Kaelyn talks about her story as a teenager who played rugby in school without knowing she’s 5 months pregnant, being a single parent, doing different kinds of jobs to provide for her family, and to starting her own business as she was going through postpartum. I mean, if there’s one word I can use to describe her story, it’s “brave."

I’m just so proud of her journey. She was invested in her growth, she did the uncomfortable and she’s well on her way to success.

As a girl who grew up on an island, there are certain expectations placed on you. Growing up, I had this thinking that "not having the right education, she wasn't gonna make it anywhere.” But then you hear stories like this one! Like what I always say, “ don’t ever be afraid of dreaming bigger than the islands."

So listen to this conversation and get inspired.

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