Don’t Panic! The Neuroscience behind falling into Balance w/ Vivek Pandey Vimal

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Nov 23 2016 28 mins  

Are balance and movement something that can be culturally shaped? Why aren’t female rats being used in drug studies? In this episode of This Anthropological Life we team up with Vivekanand Pandey Vimal to talk about his research that explores how people learn to balance when their sensory systems are taken away. We then relate studies on balance and movement to anthropology and discuss the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration. Show notes by Nina Oria-Loureiro.

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about

Vivek’s experiments
Balancing on skyscrapers

Who is Vivek?
Vivekanand Pandey Vimal is a Neuroscience PhD candidate at Brandeis University.

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