iPhone, Therefore I am.

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Oct 06 2014 38 mins  
With the yearly release of new mobile phones, companies like Apple and Samsung have to sell the idea that we need a new device. With the release of wearable peripherals like Google Glass and Apple Watch, information communication technologies (ICTs) are becoming seemingly more personal. But are they? Will Near Field Communication (NFC) tech change how we exchange information, pay for food, or play games? How are different ICTs adopted, contested, altered and adapted across the world? How does technology help us be more human? Are we really just cyborgs – part human, part machine? What implications does this have for the future of human interaction? From sign language to smoke signals to the latest iPhone join us for a ‘technically’ exciting episode as we dive into the many worlds of ICT and their implementation round the world!
Part 3 in our Engaging Technology series
Season 4, Episode 43, Aired 10/6/2014
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