Dumb Bitch Juice

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Sep 19 2018 48 mins  
On this bonus episode (because it's only Wednesday) we start off talking about a "dumb bitch juice meme" that I am struggling to comprehend. It's not even funny. Then we start talking about The List, you know...your list. Leila didn't know what The List was so I helped her make one, and for the record, she's just like her father. We went off on some other tangent talking about a variety of other things that don't really matter, I vented about being summoned for jury duty and how they denied by request for an excusal — or whatever the fuck it's called. I think we end the episode abruptly for food and Fortnite — two of the important 6 important F's in your life (Food, Finances, Friends, Family, Fortnite and who you Fornicating.) We'll do better next time.