Talk Business and personal life, bring branding out of the two #SexyBrilliant Tells it plainly EP 17

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Apr 06 2019 40 mins  
Today 6/4/19 Saturday, Devina Kaur , Founder The Sexy Brilliant Global Revolution speaks to 1Nation Radio On Business, personal life and branding out of the same to be successful. If you believe you should get connected to Devina’s network, follow her “LIKE,” the Sexy Brilliant messages of empowerment from the inside out, tag her and share her posts. When she notices you, She will surely add you to her network. Why? Because she also want to learn from you & your brilliance. ✨ She is a recognized “celebrity,” on all social media. Do add her on other platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter. #DevinaKaur #SexyBrilliant