Episode 12 - Providers and Patients Creating an Environment for the Human Experience in Healthcare

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Aug 25 2019 40 mins  

Dr. Jeremy Sutton, DPT is a physical therapist, dad, husband, author and podcast host. In this episode he talks about 4 ways providers can serve their patients better. 1) Acknowledge your patient's concerns. Don't ignore them. 2) Develop an understanding, by asking questions, of how the patient's current state (pain, illness, injury) potentially causes uncertainty in one's life outside of the clinic or hospital. Fear and a feeling of powerlessness may be influencing someone's action or inaction. 3) Encourage your patient to prepare a list of questions and then respond to them.  4) Slow down and focus on the patient in front of you. Doing these things will empower your patient and allow one to feel heard and valued as a member of the medical team.



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