Neuroplasticity: Why Learning Shouldn't Always Be a Linear Process

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Oct 05 2020 30 mins  

Did you know that 4-year-old kids ask an average of 390 questions a day? In light of this, children can be considered the research and development of the human race, according to Moodi Mahmoudi, who previously gave a speech title “Act like a child” at Tech Day, a 2 day hackathon in Amsterdam.

Mahmoudi is also the founder and CEO of NEXT, a company that focuses on design thinking and provides businesses with digitally guided processes, challenging the way they traditionally approach problems and solutions.

We invited Mahmoudi to join us on the show to discuss how NEXT works, what their digital guide process looks like, and what makes it different from traditional problem-solving approaches.

In this episode, you will learn how NEXT helped tackle Amsterdamn’s overcrowded bike parking problem and why out of the box thinking was so important to solve this issue.

Mahmoudi also explains the motivation and meaning behind his “Act like a child” speech, why learning is not necessarily a linear process, and the top three most thought-provoking questions asked by children. We’ll give you a quick peek at the first one, “What are shadows made of?” so stay tuned to hear the top two.