Sex Neuroscientist On Technology And The "Sexual recession" Of Young Generations

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Nov 09 2020 32 mins  

According to Psychology Today, there are numerous reasons why younger generations are having less sex than previous generations. Dating apps and porn have been labeled as contributing factors for this problem, but according to sex neuroscientist Dr. Nan Wise, there is a larger issue at play here.

Dr. Wise, who is also an experienced sex therapist and author of the book Why Good Sex Matters, joins us on the show to discuss why she believes that our reward systems have been hijacked by our phones, impacting our mental health and our sex lives.

In this episode, we discuss how social media is engineered to pull us in and capture our attention, why Dr. Wise refers to dopamine as "The slutty neurotransmitter" in her behavioral neuroscience classes, and how to self assess if your relationship with your phone is healthy.

Dr. Wise also explains how technology impacts our seven core emotional functions, and why she believes the Netflix movie "The Sociable Dilemma" is so important for everyone to watch.