Cybersecurity Tips & Big Exits

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Jun 21 2019 31 mins  

Welcome to Winshield Time s1ep2! from Thursday afternoon, June 20, 2019.

Introductions of Dae and Arry (we're working on it!).

10 cyber security tips and tricks like:

  • Do NOT click on or open hyperlinks in email.
  • Do NOT use SMS (your phone number) in with two factor authentication.  We recommend using an app, like Google Authenticator.
  • Tell your cellular carrier to disallow porting of your number without 1) appearing in person 2) with a picture ID and 3) a secret passcode inside a retail store.

Big exits (aka liquidation events):

  • Direct listing of slack as $WORK on the NYSE.
  • Other big names with big exits: Beyond Meat ($BYND), Fiverr ($FVRR),  Uber ($UBER), Lyft ($LYFT), and Zoom Communications ($ZM).

Other topics:

  • Facebook Libra backlash.
  • Our love for Peanut Brittle.
  • Bitcoin heading towards $10k at $9559, you get 104 sats (Satoshi's) per $0.01.
  • Get bitcoin by shopping, no extra money required!
  • Get free Bitcoin when shopping.  Check out or twitter @trylolli (FYI: They have a very fun twitter feed :)
  • Quick note about Arry’s speaking event with the AAPC (American Association of Political Consultants).

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Thank you for listening y’all!



p.s. Woot, we finally got a "clean" show recorded.

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