Bitcoin is back over $10k + Caitlin + DevCon

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Jun 25 2019 22 mins  


Coinme - onramp from USD cash to bitcoin.

Welcome to the podcast.
Intro of Dae as WAN sales engineer and now angel investor and podcaster.

Intro of Arry as fellow podcaster ,WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council Chair.  They cover from Portland to Seattle to Vancouver, BC.

How you doing?
Sleep routine with a brand new baby, mr. #blockchainBaby.

Recommendations for home karaoke systems, please send them our way.

Thoughts on Bitcoin hitting $10,000 USD again on Friday June 21.

#blockchainBaby has doubled in weight - AND bitcoin has doubled in price.

Is it 2017 again?

Bitcoin search on Google is very low right now.

Let’s talk about our feelings at $10k/BTC.


Events coming up:

* Seattle University RegTech Conference and Caitlin Long Luncheon

* Seattle DevCon on Saturday, check out plethora of meetups.

* - it's only $25 for the entire conference. DON'T MISS IT.

More closing notes:

* Always Be My Maybe on Netflix and T-Mobile

* Tenta offering 2 years free promotion if you sign up before July 4, 2019.

* New intern joining our team is Jasper!

* Meetups galore like Seattle Blockchain Underground.

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Finally, send us questions about what you’d like us to explore.

Thank you for listening y’all!




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