Career and Marriage Reality

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Jun 28 2019 25 mins  

Career and Marriage Reality

Welcome to the Windshield Time podcast with Dae (WAN Sales Engineer and now Angel Investor and podcaster) and Arry (Chair of the WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council and fellow podcaster).

Thoughts on Bitcoin hitting a new recent high of ~$13,800 USD and then falling down back to ~$10,000 USD this week.

Let’s talk about our feelings.  Revisiting our personal career and marriage reality.  Learn about Dae and Arry’s path from two salaried individuals, trying to get pregnant, failed IVF, getting pregnant and today.  Life is a journey.

Events coming up:

* Seattle University RegTech Conference and Caitlin Long Luncheon

* Seattle DevCon on Friday evening hh kickoff and Saturday all day

* As always you can check out a plethora of meetups at for anything bitcoin

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