7 Magical Words & Internet Real Estate Woes

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Jul 05 2019 31 mins  

SHOW TITLE: 7 Magical Words & Internet Real Estate Woes

Welcome to the podcast with Dae, (WAN Sales Engineer and now angel investor and podcaster) and Arry (a fellow podcaster and Chair of the WTIA Cascadia Blockchain Council).

Bitcoin’s volatile price action back up over $11,000 USD.

Thanks Dom for reading the disclosures/disclaimers.

PCC is awesome.

Just to be crystal, we are not compensated in any way here at Windshield Time for company and product mentions!

Satoshi math.

The legacy markets close early before a holiday.  Bitcoin never closes.

The halving/halvening.

It’s a holiday week.

7 magic words: why don’t you do something for yourself?

7 Magical words that set a new milestone in the marriage of Dae and Arry that we want to share with you.  Sometimes it's hard to create your own opportunity to yourself, especially as a parent.  Learn the magic that happened when Dae said to Arry, "why don't you do something for yourself?"

Internet real estate sucks.

Sharing our internet real estate woes in some of the challenges to getting domain names, and social media accounts.

The dot-com of "windshieldtime is taken".

Dae polled a ton of folks about what top level domain name they like better.  He got a ton of feedback from his friends and he shares what they said.

Digital branding is difficult.

An interruption in the studio.

Closing words.

Events coming up:

* July 12th, Seattle Blockchain Underground with WTIA’s meetup with Tatiana Moroz

* July 31st, WTIA sponsored Cascadia Blockchain Council community happy hour

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