Vulnerability & Podcasting Production

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Jul 12 2019 29 mins  


Vulnerability & Podcasting Production

The tactical issue of getting the physical layer (aka layer1 of the OSI model of internetworking) all set up to record all the audio for the event.

Arry’s evolution and journey in productizing herself.

Discussing the podcast journey.

And she’s feeding the #blockchainBaby in the studio.

Reviewing the current price of bitcoin using the Coinbase app.

At $11,697 at 11:48am you get 8549 satoshis.

$1.00 / 0.00011697 = 8549 satoshis.

as a reference point, at $10k/bitcoin, you get 10,000 satoshis.

$1.00 / 0.00010000 = 10,000 satoshis

July 25 - the going away happy hour for Dom who is departing Seattle.

4pm to 7pm, venue tbd.

OnePiece Work - the venue will need:

* power extension cord just in case

* speakers

* speaker wire spools

* leatherman or multi-tool to cut speaker wire

* mixing board - requires power

* at least three wired mics

* external music source (like an ipod)

* 3.5mm to RCA audio cable

* amplifier - requires power

* headphones to test audio + audio cable for it

* at least three mid stands

* at least one laptop to record the entire fireside chat + performance by Tatiana - requires power

Dae is an audio quality snob.

Brief overview of Coinme (local cash onramp to bitcoin) and their big partnership with Coinstar (another local company with a national presence).

Inspiration from @naval on twitter to “productize yourself” and how that is currently applicable and evolving with Arry.

7 Magic words review again:

"Why don’t you do something for yourself!?"

Maybe Arry can share her startup tip of the day:

As a startup, you have to focus.  You can’t do everything.

Arry’s draft of her LIFE ONE-PAGER is due by the end of July 2019.

The podcasting journey is tough.

Some discussion about our journey so far.

Future guests will be coming!

If you’d like to join us for a show, please reach out via twitter!

Events coming up:

* July 12th, Seattle Blockchain Underground meetup with WTIA’s co-sponsorship with Tatiana Moroz at OnePiece Work

(720 Third Ave, Suite 1900, Seattle)

* July 25 - the going away happy hour for Dom from Coinme who is departing Seattle.

* July 31st, WTIA sponsored Cascadia Blockchain Council community happy hour - drinks, food and views.

Thank you for listening y’all!

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Be nice to each other out there and #stackSats using #satoshiMath

Closing out with my old friend Tracey from Cougar Mountain!

(as always, we have a fun little outtake at the final end of the show.)

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