Mnuchin, Conflict, Gold vs Bullets, PTSD

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Jul 16 2019 34 mins  


Mnuchin, Conflict, Gold vs Bullets, PTSD

Maybe we want to be the gateway for the next million family folks into the world of bitcoin.  Because this space can be very intimidating. There are a ton of subjects that have to be considered before you are comfortable with the idea of bitcoin.

Reviewing the current price of bitcoin using the Coinbase app.

At $10,800 at 3:16pm you get 9259 satoshis.

Bitcoin is now legal.  Hasn’t it always been legal?

Conflict is business; is commerce; is war.

Conflict generates economic activity.

The link to the Caitlin Long article:


They have raised 10 rounds of funding totaling over $500 million US dollars!  They have a giant war chest. wow!

Dae’s dear college friend is in town and coming over for dinner.  He’s thinking about buying gold coins in preparation for the end of the world.

Actually, some Bitcoin OG’s also buy some gold to balance their portfolio.

Buying bullets instead of gold is Dae’s idea right now.

Ammo is a commodity.  You could trade it for water after all, and hope the person you trade with doesn’t come back to shoot you with the bullets you just sold to him.

Arry talking about what recovery has been like with our second baby, the hardships of postpartum depression (PPD) from the first pregnancy, and working through trauma and PTSD with her therapy.  She’s starting to finally no longer be afraid and hiding in the closet.  Therapy is really helpful - and in progressing through career and leadership, it’s important to work through trauma and triggers so you don’t bring that negative experiences with you in order to move forward.  It’s also important to recognize that I am not the result of trauma, that I am not a victim of those negative experiences, and I am my own person.  So ARRY is taking the time to do that.

Arry’s draft of her LIFE ONE-PAGER is due by the end of July 2019. It’s going to be a stretch.

Check out ‘Without Fail’ podcast.

The July 8th episode w/ Jerry Colonna.

The Sacred Child Inside Every Leader.

Pathwise Leadership Development is amazing tool for personal growth.

Both Arry and Dae have been in it.

Recent Blockchain Underground event was awesome with Tatiana Moroz.

We got to hear a totally different point of view that mainstream media and the usual speakers in blockchain don’t ever regularly mention.

Dae got some new shiny #schwag that he’s really excited about from IBD (Investors Business Daily), and @IBDinvestors.

A segment that Dae will likely continue: the #schwagRag

Future guests will be coming!

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Events coming up:

* July 24 - the going away happy hour for Dom at Coinme who is departing Seattle.

* July 31st - WTIA sponsored Cascadia Blockchain Council community happy hour - drinks, food and views.

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Closing out with someone who might be Casey Kasem (legendary radio DJ).

(as always, we have a fun little outtake at the final end of the show.)

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