Ray Dalio Report, Poopcoin, and Local Politics

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Jul 23 2019 33 mins  

Ray Dalio Report, Poopcoin, and Local Politics


Reviewing the current price of bitcoin using the Coinbase app: At $10,280 at 3:40pm and for #SatoshiMath

$1.00 = 9,727 satoshis.

at $10k/bitcoin, you get 10,000 satoshis.

Because at $1.00 / 0.00010000 = 10,000 satoshis

Ray Dalio report, all giant 13 pages - 1920 to 2019 of economics history is that people should buy Gold or other like assets (stores of value) in times of economic turmoil and paradigm shifts.  Evolution of digital paradigm shifts going on.  Travis Kling (of Ikegai Fund) talks about speculation saying that he thinks Ray PROBABLY has Bitcoin somewhere.  We don't know.

Comments on the last episode - we were very frustrated and angst ridden.  It wasn't pleasant. We put in some outtakes at the end of us arguing.  We should really have taken a real break.

Dae also comments on Matt Case and Mike Hansen production of a video making fun as Russian "poop"-coin, because the now the term "shitcoin" is in the vernacular of the world that's widely accepted and known for any cryptocurrency that's outside of Bitcoin.

Dae songs a song in Korean live.  Arry joins for the chorus.  Dae is motivated to try and get South Korea up higher in the analytics in the podcast analytics.  It’s a song that Dae sings often with their toddler, “Lentil”.  Quick translation on “bbo-bbo-bbo” means kiss, kiss, kiss, and “ching-goo” means friend.  

Also FYI that South Korea is one of the biggest cryptocurrency regions globally.

Bitcoin Jingle from Tatiana Moroz interlude. Dae loves this song.  

Arry’s politics spreadsheet going through and consolidating all of the voting guides and endorsements...  various levy’s, the Port Commissioner positions, and the City of Seattle City Council positions #1-7.  Check out Arry’s blog or her social channels to check out her big spreadsheet.  We want Seattle to thrive and prosper, advance their lives - spend a few minutes to think independently about what’s important to you and our communities.

Future guests will be coming!

If you’d like to join us for a show, please reach out via twitter!

Events coming up:

* July 25 - the going away happy hour for Dom from Coinme who is departing Seattle.

* July 31st, WTIA sponsored Cascadia Blockchain Council community happy hour - drinks, food and views.

Thank you for listening y’all!

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Be nice to each other out there and #stackSats using #satoshiMath

Closing out with Dae’s old friend Andy from Charlotte!

(as always, we have a fun little outtake at the final end of the show.)

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