Cryptotwitter Curation, Politics, and What's Next for Arry

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Jul 31 2019 36 mins  

Cryptotwitter Curation, Politics, and What's Next for Arry

s1ep20 - Monday July 29, 2019.

Reviewing the current price of bitcoin using the Blockfolio app: At $9,518 at 12:40pm and for #SatoshiMath
$1.00 = 10,506 satoshis.  

at $10k/bitcoin, you get 10,000 satoshis.
Because at $1.00 / 0.00010000 = 10,000 satoshis

Dae consumes a lot of content daily - and he’s sharing the highlights, specially curated for you.

Cypto Twitter is a thing.  Bitcoin Baby (aka #theQuinoa) is wearing a gold ring from his great-aunt in Seoul, Korea, another SoV (Store of Value).  Recently celebrated the 100 days for #theQuinoa - we recently had a party as with Korean culture.  

John DeVaDoss of NEO North America interacted on CryptoTwitter.  Dragonchain sticker is high quality.  

Dae is leveling up (or into the Rabbit Hole) further on Austrian economics.  Stephan Livera gets some great guests on his podcast.  

Stephan is a old bit coiner and in Austrian economics.

SLP52 episode with Jack Dorsey and Elizabeth Stark (recorded 2/17/2019) — check out this podcast episode because it is fascinating, and invigorating (at least for Dae).

Dae is saying there’s another bear coming into the market right now.  On Jack Dorsey, FYI $SQ doing well, Twitter stock is doing well.  

Hatching Twitter - great book. It was supposed to be made into a movie - but not sure if it ever happened.  After reading this book, Dae had a horrible impression of Jack.  Have to remember there are always 3 sides to any story.  

Lolli is focused on getting bitcoin into as many hands as possible - then it’s more stable in currency form.

Maybe Arry can see if which of the candidates for Seattle’s City Council will accept bitcoin for donations.  More mentions of Stephan Livera (Austrian economics) and a show with local Seattle Vijay Boyapati (SLP71) another one definitely worth checking out.

Arry’s really concerned about safety - especially with Dae and Arry’s personal experiences with acts of violence.

Stewardship and safety.

Arry is rooting for the wild card, Ari Hoffman.  He’s a nice guy, who’s a father, community, Jewish, resilient, persistent, person, business man, and cares for happiness for children…. And feels he understands the need for safety.  Arry’s thinking about doing more to try and get more experiences (like door belling, hosting an event).

Political candidates cannot likely get bitcoin for donations - Arry believes it may be a website and likely a banking issue that would not allow that.  

Dae suggests Freakonomics Radio podcast - Episode 356, America’s Hidden Duopoly, which frames the system of conservatives and liberals as a business, not as politics.  It’s a thriving business.  

Arry’s exploring venture labs, looking at being a turnaround executive for private equity firms. 

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Closing out with Dae’s old friend Tracy.

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