Mark Yusko’s Seattle Luncheon Highlights

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Aug 02 2019 41 mins  

Aug 1, 2019

S1ep21 - Mark Yusko’s Seattle Luncheon Highlights

Dae was inspired to have some fun in the beginning.
We aimed for a shorter podcast episode - it ended up being our longest.  

Bitcoin update #satoshi math from Dae.
Reviewing the current price of bitcoin using the Blockfolio app: At $10,108 at 12:40pm and for #SatoshiMath
$1.00 = 8,983 satoshis.  

At $10k/bitcoin, you get 10,000 satoshis.
Because at $1.00 / 0.00010000 = 10,000 satoshis

Mark Yusko did a 1 day trip from North Carolina, extremely impressive.  
Mark Yusko is a Washingtonian native, too - from Kirkland, WA.

Bitcoin is a new kind of important asset.  We’ve had over 775 different kinds of fiat currencies to date - the first one to do that was China, and only 25% have survived.  1971 is when the United States went off the gold standard - and onto the “dictator playbook” (massive income and wealth gap).  51% of Americans own any stock today, while unemployment rates are really low, not all Americans are doing that well. We’re in a pre-recession era…  When the FED lowers interest rates (the first rate cut in the lifetime of Bitcoin), which is an indication of a weak economy.  Rates were cut at record low rates of unemployment.  The US has printed an extra 10 trillion dollars since 2009 - less global money supply, global trade slows, higher chance of recession, …. But stocks are going up.

Dae and Arry will be having another “strategy” session for “Darry”.

Dae was recently watching CNBC, and the President has said there will be an increase on all China import tariffs.  Stocks went down. Bitcoin went up.  Mark Yusko was suggesting that people get out of equity markets right now and move into alternative investments.  Is Bitcoin “magic internet money”?  Depends on who you ask.  8% of USD is actually in cash and coins, the rest of it, 92% is digital currency. Bitcoin talk track about how it is the evolution of digital.  

Mark Yusko is not a fan of BYND - even though he was an early seed investor into BYND.  Arry recently had Dae/Arry get out of BYND because the numbers were too inflated (revenue/profit versus market cap).  

Lots of movie, paper, book recommendations from Mark Yusko.

— Tatiana Moroz’s Bitcoin Jingle intermission—

7% of Americans know about Blockchain - an indicator that this is coming out of the unknown.  Arry and Dae also spent another hour and a half one on one with Mark Yusko recording for the upcoming special podcast episode: health and family focus, consumes a lot of content, …

Really great turnout at the Cascadia Blockchain Council happy hour on July 31st - great food/drinks!  Looking forward to the next one at the Optimism Brewery - and thank you to the WTIA.

Dae has an idea for Bitcoin pizza day and Domino’s pizza - looking for warm introductions!

Future guests will be coming!
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Be nice to each other out there and #stackSats using #satoshiMath

Closing out with Dewey Nukum.


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