Family Windshield Time, Tres Sandwiches, “Anti-PR” PR Services, and Lolli’s 1st Birthday!

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Aug 17 2019 40 mins  


Family Windshield Time, Tres Sandwiches, “Anti-PR” PR Services, and Lolli’s 1st Birthday!

We are actually in the car :)

post-Detroit debrief


Thursday 8/22 - Lolli’s 1st Birthday Party at Galvanize!

Driving together and doing windshield time together recording.  

Arry plays the piano.


Coinme plug. Cash USD on-ramp to Bitcoin.  Partnership w Coinstar.

Btc price off of Blockfolio $10,090.70.

1 BTC has 9,910 Satoshi’s. #satoshiMath

Family time.  Parenting while on vacation is a lot of work especially for the parents.  We are back and thankful to have daycare/grandma support to get a little time away.  

It was worth it for the two pods we were able to do.  Got to experience some good memories together.  

Tres Sandwiches in Bellevue plug.  Best Japanese sandwiches ever.  Get there early cuz they sell out fast.  They cut off the crust - and they don’t just throw it into the garbage (like Jimmy John’s 😡 which is NO BUENO).  And they give it away!

Thanks Tatiana for Bitcoin Jingle.

You’re awesome!


Let her know you heard her Jingle on Windshield Time!

Anti PR rant from Arry and Dae on their PR initiative on what else is “Next for Arry?”  What is PR anyways?  As an entrepreneur or a person from Startups who wants more awareness for your business, Arry couldn’t really get why she was never happy with PR. Very expensive to hire a PR person or agency $600/month to $27,000/month.  

Event reminders

8/22 Lolli’s first birthday sponsored by Lolli

8/29 WTIA sponsored Cascadia Blockchain Happy Hour

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