Being Rated G, Kai Ryssdal’s Dollar, Russell Okung's @bitcoinis_

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Aug 27 2019 23 mins  

Being Rated G, Kai Ryssdal’s Dollar, Russell Okung's @bitcoinis_


We will be Rated G (FOR THE MOST PART)

Kai Ryssdal’s Dollar

Russell Okung’s @bitcoinis_

Being Rated G.

Windshield Time is a non-technical, fun podcast about life, money and bitcoin for parents and busy professionals who are curious about bitcoin, blockchains, and cryptoassets.

Dae, Arry and their guests talk about this evolutionary technology and what it touches in all of our lives.

Here is the page where you’ll find the episode for “What Makes the Dollar Strong”

Start listening at 17min 51sec into the show.

Russell Okung’s @bitcoinis_

The twitter handle to follow is @bitcoinis_

He’s in the NFL.

He’s become a fan of bitcoin.  And he’s putting @bitcoinis_ into the world to drive awareness and adoption.

He recognizes that this new technology has so much potential, it’s hard to make it friendly for “rookies” as he calls it to get in.

@bitcoinis_ will be a friendly onramp for people to join the evolution in money+technology.

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Mark Yusko full Interview, getting to know the real founder and investor

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