The State of Real Estate Blockchain Smart Securities presented by CAIA, FIBREE, and PropTech Seattle

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Sep 10 2019 104 mins  


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"The State of Real Estate Blockchain Smart Securities presented by CAIA, FIBREE, and PropTech Seattle"

Event objective was to help people in Real Estate understand that blockchain base smart securities are not a fad, but even with some early issues, will gain more and more traction and become the standard for issuing Real Estate backed securities.

Chris Carsley

Managing Partner of Arch River Capital LLC, and Arch River Navigator Fund I LP.

He is responsible for the investment management, finance structuring and capital partnerships of Arch River including its regulatory and reporting compliance practices. Chris brings over 25 years of investment industry expertise specializing in corporate and venture finance, business valuation, business operations efficiency, regulatory compliance practices, securities research, portfoliomanagement, arbitrage trading and hedging.

Brock Freeman

Managing Parter at Kirkland Capital Group, and advises several Real Estate startups and funds. He runs the monthly PropTech Seattle Open House event, and is the Seattle Regional Chair for, the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise. His career spans technology, finance, and real estate in both Asia and America. He is a member of the Cascadia Blockchain Council and testified to the Washington State House Committee on Innovation and Technology on behalf of the first blockchain bill.

Alvaro Jimenez Jimenez

Co-Founder at Yunati and Founder at Gaudium Capital

Sean Hsieh

Sean Hsieh currently serves as CEO & Founder of Concreit, a security token based commercial real estate marketplace platform. He was previously a co-founder of Flowroute, an API-driven telecommunications carrier, serving in the different capacities of leading product, engineering, marketing and sales to scale the organization to its recent acquisition.

Erwin Park

Madison Bay Commercial

Byron Dailey

Private Investment Funds Chair, Lane Powell

Byron Dailey is Chair of Lane Powell’s Private Investment Funds, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, and Nonprofit & Social Enterprise Teams. He is a corporate, securities and M&A attorney with exceptionally broad experience structuring and negotiating domestic and international business transactions.

Tim S.T. Leung Ph.D.

Tim is a Professor in Applied Math and the Director of the Computational Finance & Risk Management (CFRM) program at University of Washington - Seattle.  He was a professor at Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University, after obtaining his PhD from Princeton University.

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