#ReadySetRaise2019 Showcase #2 - Farah Allen and Nael Alismail, Co-Founders of The Labz, a music rights startup

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Oct 25 2019 55 mins  


Rated G!

#ReadySetRaise2019 Showcase #2 - Farah Allen and Nael Alismail, Co-Founders of The Labz, a Music Rights Startup

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* How they met

* The “Wozniak Problem” of founders

* How to find great talent

* Licensing and “fair use” of music content

* Check out the creative commons

* All kinds of respect to P-Funk (Parliament-Funkadelic)

* How sampling created a generation of music artists that don’t exist today

* The end-all be-all technical founder myth

* The team member associated with the Slim Shady song

* The team member associated with Whitney Houston

* Star Wars vs Star Trek

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