Ken Lang, Cosimo Ventures CTO and his 5 Ideas

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Nov 13 2019 48 mins  


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"Ken Lang, Cosimo Ventures CTO and his 5 Ideas”

full interview starts at 26min46sec

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* New opptys in blockchain will be bigger than the internet itself

* Bitcoin was a reaction to the unfairness of our monetary system

* Governance, identity, court systems - all these systems can be made better

* Working on new blockchains, five of them to be exact

* Having skin in the game, better accontability

* Epistemology - study of “how do you know it’s true?”  it’s harder to know the truth than you think

* What is money to you?

Arry’s first solo interview.

At coinAgenda in Las Vegas, same week as WCC, Litecoin Summit

Are we journalists?

Reminded me of my regrets of not having been more risk-taking and venturous in the early days of the internet - I AM LIVING IT OUT NOW WITH BITCOIN.


“Better than listening to the news” he said.

Listened to his first podcast ever

What is fiat?

What is "shitoshi” ?

What is the “block chain” you keep mentioning that over and over?

‪start watching at 1:53sec. ‬

‪“to honor you... shidoshi...”‬

‪sounds like it could be ‘satoshi’ if you didn’t know better, ‬

‪bitcoin as a #bloodsport‬

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