Drew Wandzilak on the Growth Potential of the Podcast Industry and How We Can Build Better Founders

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Apr 01 2020 61 mins  

After a long hiatus, NGL is back with another episode of The G-L Review! He touches a little bit on the last six months, everything that’s happened and his changing mindset and approach towards entrepreneurship amid the COVID-19 crisis (0:33) and then welcomes on Drew Wandzilak, a friend who’s worked in venture capital for the last three years, to talk about the most batshit crazy startup pitch he’s ever gotten (9:46), whether or not it’s the responsibility of companies to provide a social good (12:56), why VCs get excited when investing in cool D2C companies like Allbirds (26:24), the growth potential of the podcasting industry (39:07), and how working with 10KE and student entrepreneurs has lent some insight into how we can build better founders (46:58).