Chris Ruder on the Future of Spikeball and Appearing on 'Shark Tank'

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Aug 13 2019 74 mins  

On this episode of 'The G-L Review,' NGL first brings on big sis and college advisor Amelia Graber-Lipperman to discuss Operation Varsity Blues and CollegeGate (8:00) before sitting down with Spikeball CEO Chris Ruder and talking about his background in journalism (24:46), the importance in building company culture coupled with the recent trend in shared spaces (36:18), how Chris first played roundnet in 1989 and why he decided to bring it back 20 years later (45:45), why ultimate players were one of the main groups he marketed to early on (55:05), that time he went on 'Shark Tank' and (sort of) secured a deal (1:00:52), and where he sees Spikeball and the sport of roundnet going in the near future (1:07:08).