Episode 6 - Stephen Kenwright - Open Dialog

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Nov 24 2019 66 mins  

Welcome to the episode six of Open Dialog, the podcast for collaborative SEOs and digital marketers. In each and every episode, we’ll be speaking with the best and brightest minds in SEO, digital marketing and beyond to find out how we can work more effectively, efficiently and productively with other teams, departments and clients.

In episode 5, DeepCrawl’s Sam Marsden spoke with Stephen Kenwright who is the Cofounder and Technical Director of Rise at Seven.

Over the course of our conversation we spoke about:

  • Stephen’s rise through Branded3 and how he’s worked with developers and senior stakeholders to grow the agency.
  • Why agencies need to be careful in who they choose as clients.
  • Why the north of England is turning into a digital powerhouse.

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