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The Scottish Independence Podcast is the first and oldest podcast documenting the Scottish Independence movement. Interviews with activists, politicians, artists, writers and more, and occasionally a comedy episode.

Scotland's Missing Histories 2 - Màiri Mhòr nan Òran (with Liz MacRae Shaw)
Sep 23 2015 32 mins  
And when I am in the boardsmy words will be a prophecy.They will return, the stock of the croftersWho were driven over the sea.And the aristocratic 'beggars'will be routed as they (the crofters) were.Deer and sheep will be carted awayand the glens will be tilled;A time of sowing and a time of reaping,and a time to reward the robbers.And the cold ruined houseswill be built up by our kinOver the years I have had many conversations in which there has been the complaint that large chunks of Scottish history, both events and people, have been left out of our education.I therefore thought that, in addition to our other shows, it was about time that some of these stories and people should get some more publicity, and so here is the second in a new series of podcasts- Scotland’s Missing Histories.For the second episode I spoke with author Liz MacRae Shaw about the life of a woman so remarkable that they named her several times - Mairi Mhor nan Oran, Mairi Mhor, Big Mary of the Songs, Mary MacPherson and others.Liz wrote a biography of a woman who lived through and fought against, and then to reverse the highland clearances. Mary also went to prison despite very possibly being innocent, and did something that Beyoncè et al tend to do these days long before it was normal, Mhairi's was not a normal life.Hope you enjoy…LINKS

ScotIndyBook 4 - Blossom
Jul 31 2014 23 mins  
"Blossom is an account of Scotland at the grassroots through the stories of people I've had the good fortune to know – the most stubborn, talented and resilient people on the planet. They've had to be. Some have transformed their parts of Scotland. Some have tried and failed. But all have something in common – they know what it takes for Scotland to blossom. We should know too."The ScotIndyBook series features audio book versions, full books or selected pieces, fiction and non-fiction, of some of the books being written about the independence referendum, or using it as a theme.All the books in this series have been given by the kind permissions of their authors.This time it is part of Blossom, by Lesley Riddoch (who was also on the other podcast just before christmas).I'm sure you know who Lesley is but in case you aren't sure...An honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, president of the student union in 1981, founded and directed a feminist magazine known as Harpies and Quines, contributing editor of the Sunday Herald and assistant editor of The Scotsman. She was editor of a special one-off edition of The Scotsman known as The Scotswoman produced by the paper's female staff.Writing columns for The Sunday Post, The Scotsman, and occasionally The Guardian, shortlisted for the Orwell prize. From 1989 to 1994 she presented the BBC Radio Scotland programme Speaking Out and was one of the presenters of Radio Four programme You and Yours. In 1993 Riddoch won a Cosmopolitan woman award for Communication and in 1994 for the best talk show award. Her programme Speaking Out took the Silver Quill Law Society award that same year. Between 1999 and 2005 she had her own daily radio programme the Lesley Riddoch Programme on Radio Scotland.8392802340_fea0d5a957_zRiddoch presented TV programmes of which include The Midnight Hour on BBC2, and The People's Parliament and Powerhouse on Channel 4, runs her own independent radio, podcast and TV production company known as Feisty Ltd.Riddoch was involved in the buyout of the Isle of Eigg by the local community. She assisted in putting together the buyout plan and later became a trustee of the Isle of Eigg Trust. The trust bought the island in 1997.In 2008, Riddoch served as a member of the Scottish Prisons Commission. In 2009, she acted as Chair in Task Force, set up by the Scottish Government, to transfer the island of Rùm into community ownership from Scottish Natural Heritage.So there you have it. And she's donated part of her book, so here it is...Hope you enjoy...

ScotIndyPod 83 - Robin MacPherson
Jul 05 2014 31 mins  
The 83rd episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast is with Robin MacPherson, who seems to be a very busy man.He is Professor of Screen Media at Edinburgh Napier University, director of Screen Academy Scotland and of the Institute for Creative Industries at Edinburgh Napier. He makes documentaries, current affairs and drama including the BAFTA-nominated , The Butterfly Man. In 1997, he established Asylum Pictures, an independent production company whose films include the Scottish-BAFTA nominated documentary, Tree Fellers, and (as co-producer) the award-winning Fellini: I'm a born liar. Since 2008 he has led ENGAGE, an EU MEDIA-funded collaboration with the Irish, Estonian and Finnish national film schools. In 2010 he was appointed by the Scottish Government to the Board of Creative Scotland and in April 2011 he joined the Board of Creative Edinburgh. Oh and he blogs too.Frankly, I'm amazed he managed to find the time to come on, but he did, and we talked about the current situation with regard to the creative industries in Scotland. Is the union holding us back and how could independence improve things?Should Scotland have its own film studio? What would be the benefits and the drawbacks?We talked about the creative output that the referendum campaign itself has generated. Has there been anything inspiring?And as ever, I asked why this week's guest supports Independence for Scotland. Hope you enjoyLINKS

ScotIndyPod 74 - Pilar Fernandez
May 20 2014 23 mins  
For the 74th episode of The Scottish Independence Podcast I spoke with someone a little further away from home than usual, specifically in Galicia.Pilar Fernandez. Pilar writes a blog called A ponte entre Galiza e Escocia // The bridge between Galiza and Scotland. She has also been working hard on a new campaign called Solidarity With Scotland, which describes itself thusly..."A few months ago, a friend in the USA asked what she could do to help the cause of Scottish independence. "Nothing much," was my reply, before going on to explain that this is a debate that has to be held within Scotland. However that is not the view of the UK Government, despite Cameron's protestations that he cannae debate Alex Salmond because he doesn't have a vote in September. But it turns out that there is something she can do after all.In January, the Sunday Herald published the news that the UK Foreign Office is heading a campaign to enlist support for Better Together in foreign countries. Wee Wullie Hague wants to hear from you if you have bad things to say about Scottish independence. According to the Herald, the Foreign Office has contacted the governments of China, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the 28 members of the EU in a desperate search for viagra to bolster the flaccid Project Fear."One of the things on the site is this letter, translated into many languages, which she is encouraging people to send to embassies around the world. Find out why and much more in the new episode.Hope you enjoy…P.S.She also translated her song for us...Entre nós (Between us) by Uxia (oo-shee-ah)A wee translation:Aqui vin, aqui cheguei, aqui me mandaron vir,I came here, I arrived here , someone told me to come hereAqui está o meu corazón se o queren recibirHere it is my heart if they want to receive it

For A' That 42 - Margo And Beyond
Apr 14 2014 59 mins  
For the 42nd episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined for the first time by Vonny Moyes who is the Arts Editor for The Skinny magazine and also wrote a marvellous article over at National Collective recently. Our returning guest this time was Gary Dunion, who, amongst a number of other things is the Communications Director for the Scottish Greens. The first thing we discussed was the passing of Margo MacDonald, and how the parliament may well be a much poorer place without her. We were lucky to have a number of different perspectives on this. Gary in particular had been working with her recently and had an interesting story to tell.From an interesting story to a frankly bizarre one. We're used to better together prophecies of financial doom or some such other thing, but George Robertson took it on himself to make a prediction of actual apocalyptic doom should Scotland go independent, with the Forces of Darkness being unleashed (artists rendition above).This forced us to bring our own big guns out and so we got to it. In fact we unleashed our dogs of war, with grave consequences for Andrew.Vonny had some interesting comments on the importance of language in the whole debate, and we also put our heads together to try and predict where the next scare story could possibly go - have they run out or have they used them all up too fast?There's much more besides in the latest episode, and I haven't even mentioned Douglas Adams in the introduction either.Hope you enjoy (and if you feel up to helping us along with our running costs you can pop us a donation too.)LINKS

ScotIndyPod 61 - Professor Ailsa McKay
Mar 20 2014 20 mins  
The 61st episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast comes from a speech made at the Radical Independence Conference by Professor Ailsa McKay, who recently passed away.Ailsa was recommended to me on three separate occasions as someone who I should try to get onto the show. I tried to get in touch but was obviously unaware of her illness.Nevertheless, the aforementioned speech she made was available and I decided to put it out as an MP3 so that it might reach some people who didn't see it there.It's certainly worth it.Some of the work she did in her life is described on her Wikipedia page."McKay was Reader in Gender and Economics until her 2011 appointment as Professor of Economics at Glasgow Caledonian University. She also served as Vice Dean of the Glasgow School for Business and Society until 2013. She specialized in gender inequalities and the economics of the welfare state, and served as a consultant to the Scottish Parliament, the Irish Government, Her Majesty's Treasury, and the United Nations Development Programme. Since 2006, she held the visiting chair in gender studies at the Complutense University of Madrid, and was invited as an expert witness to give evidence during the budget process to the Scottish Parliament and the Parliament of Canada. She was a leading authority on gender budget analysis in the United Kingdom. She was also a business commentator for The Herald newspaper. In 2012 she was appointed by the Scottish Government as a member of the Expert Working Group on Welfare and Constitutional Reform."Hope you enjoy.

For A' That 41 - Shout!
Mar 03 2014 63 mins  
For the 41st episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I were joined by broadcaster and blogger Derek Bateman, former Socialist MSP and member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie and writer and blogger William Duguid.First we talked about the Sturgeon/Lamont stramash. At the risk of going against one of the things we thought was bad about it, was the real knockout blow actually delivered to the political process itself? Is it too simple just to say it was awful and move on? Were they both equally guilty? Do we (or well, the media) need to start using alternative formats.Secondly we talked about the recent activities of the Tory government who seem to have been going round businesses begging them to say something negative about independence. Should we just be a bit stronger and tell them where to go?Another topic was the Women for Indy project and the report it is going to publish shortly. Carolyn let us know what the main problems and outcomes were, and how much work there still is to do in this area.We also got on to the crowdfunding stories in the last week. Amazing, certainly, but why has this phenomenon started to gather pace and can we be sure the money is going where it's needed most?There is all that and more in the new episode.Hope you enjoy.LINKS

ScotIndyPod 45 - Derek Bateman
Jan 11 2014 46 mins  
Derek Bateman is the guest for the 45th episode of the Scottish Independence Podcast.Here is what his BBC biog says about him...Derek Bateman is a veteran of the Scottish news scene having begun as a trainee reporter with the Scotsman in his teens and spending the last 45 years covering politics and current affairs in various guises - as a reporter with the Glasgow Herald, political editor of Scotland on Sunday, a foreign correspondent for STV's international output, a correspondent for the Observer and commentator and presenter at Radio Scotland.Over the years he has specialised in politics, international affairs and Europe having been a regular observer of EU affairs in Brussels and Strasbourg. He followed the Troubles in Ireland from Dublin and Belfast and as a reporter and radio documentary-maker for BBC Scotland he has worked in Russia, Finland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, France, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Denmark, Iceland and the Deep South of the United States. He has presented two presidential elections from Washington. He made a location documentary series on the Quebec referendum in 1995 and another on the handover of Hong Kong to China the following year.Among the highlights of 20 years at the BBC - for him, if not the audience - are co-presenting Good Morning Scotland for 10 years and presenting the Saturday current affairs review Newsweek Scotland. He is a regular presenter of Westminster and Holyrood election night coverage and of by-elections. He occupied the presenter's chair for the opening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999.The thing is though, Derek decided to chuck it all in so he could have his say in the Scottish Independence debate and since then his blogs have been lighting up the debate.This podcast should lively up your evening a fair old bit as well.Hope you enjoy...LINKS

For A' That 24 - Charade, Hope & Charity
May 13 2013 47 mins  
For episode 24 of For A' That Andrew and I had THREE guests for the first time, namely Natalie McGarry, Doug Daniel and Ruaridh Waddell.It was a busy week in Scottish politics and that was reflected in the number of subjects we had to get through.Firstly, we beavered away trying to answer as many of the 500 questions as we possibly could.Then we got onto the voluntary sector as some stories have come out recently saying that some organisations in this sector have some concerns about what might happen in an independent Scotland. We asked several things about this line of thinking, the first of them being is it actually true?This led us on nicely to another commitment that the UK government has reneged on. I am sure you can think of a few so you'll have to listen to find out which one we talked about.Finally, we explained why, in spite of some not so good recent polls, we are mostly still feeling optimistic for the referendum.Strangely, during the recording this week some animals WERE harmed, but only by other animals (namely my cat). The now defunct bird has been buried with all due honours. Furthermore, a sheep that had recently become a mother created havoc in another place where recording was going on and in a third place a bee delayed our beginning. All of this will explain the outro. LINKS

ScotIndyPod 24 - Stuart Braithwaite
May 03 2013 42 mins  
FIFTY episodes!Yes, I know it says 24 up there but if you count For A' That and the couple of little specials, this one makes fifty.That being the case I'd like to say thanks to all the guests, the people who have helped to promote it, the people who tune in every week and those who put it on FB and tweet it and whatever the latest new-fangled thing is. The help is much appreciated.Also thanks to those of you who have donated a little to help us out with the costs that come up from time to time. If you'd like to help out with that then the button is up on the right of my blog page (link below).Anyway, for this 50th episode I was joined by Stuart Braithwaite who is the guitarist from the band Mogwai, who I am sure most of you have heard of. We talked about what convinced Stuart of the need for independence, that little song they wrote regarding Thatcher, and much more. Stuart talked about his discomfort with the mud-slinging and negativity in the debate.Did The Proclaimers open things up for Scottish mainstream musicians to sing in their own accents?Have the Yes campaign been too nicey nicey so far? Would getting a bit more aggressive help?I also took the opportunity to vent a little about Bono and Geldof and we discussed how scary the lurch towards UKIP is.Finally we got on to what artists and musicians and so on can contribute to the debate.Hope you enjoy…LINKS

For A' That 19 - Wholly Rude In Holyrood
Mar 24 2013 46 mins  
For the 19th episode of the For A' That podcast Andrew and I were joined by Stewart Lochhead of the 3 Men In A Blog site.This week there was a lot going on down Holyrood way, from the usual shenanigans at First Minister's Questions to the Iraq war debate and finally the announcement of the referendum date as September 18th 2014.On the announcement we discussed not any historical significance the date itself may have, but rather the lack of respect in the tone of some of the members of the Holyrood parliament towards the announcement and indeed referendum itself. Andrew gave an example from his own history as to why this tone was a little off. On the Iraq war debate, we had a think about whether the claims of some members that the whole thing was orchestrated only in order to make the SNP look statesmanlike before the announcement of the date itself. Was it justified to have such a debate?Finally, we took a look at some of the polls that suggest that a majority wish to have all decisions about tax, spending and welfare made in Scotland. On the face of it, where's the difference between that and Independence? What would it take just to help people to make that final little jump?Finally, why do Better Together now have one more reason than the rest of us to dislike Barbara Streisand?LINKS

ScotIndyPod 19 - Michael Hance on Scots
Mar 03 2013 33 mins  
I think almost every Scot will at one time or another have been told off for using a word that, although perfectly acceptable Scots, is not standard English.How could such a situation come about?This was one of the topics of the discussion when I spoke to Michael Hance, who is the director of the Scots Language Centre.We also spoke about the cultural importance of the language, the work of the centre itself, how the situation has changed since devolution and finally about how the situation might improve in the future.If you're wondering why it is not For A' That today, we've flipped them over this week and For A' That will be on Wednesday. Next week we'll be back to normal.I also declined to include my rendition of the poem/song that I have included below the links, not because of worries about the pronunciation but rather that I just don't think poetry comes good coming from me!EnjoyLINKS Tae The TeacherHe’s 5 year auld, he’s aff tae schoolFairmer’s bairn wi a pencil and a ruleHis teacher scoffs when he says “hoose”“The word is house, you silly little goose”He tells his ma when he gets backHe saa a mouse in an auld cairt trackHis faither laughs fae the stackyard dyke“Yon’s a MOOSE ye daft wee tyke”chorus:Listen tae the teacher, dinna say dinnaListen tae the teacher, dinna say hooseListen tae the teacher, ye canna say maunnaListen tae the teacher, ye maunna say mooseHe bit his lip an shut his moothWhich one could he trust for truthHe took his burden o’er the hillTae auld grey Geordie o’ the mill“An did they mock thee for thy tongueWi them sae auld and you sae young?They werena makin a fool o’ yeThey were makin a fool o’ themsels ye see”Say hoose tae the faither, house tae the teacherMoose tae the fairmer, mouse tae the preacherWhen yer young it’s weel for youTae dae in Rome as Romans doBut when ye grow an ye are auldYe needna dae as ye are tauldDon’t trim yer tongue tae suit yon dameThat scorns the language o’ her hameThen teacher thocht that he was fineHe kept in step, he stayed in lineFaither says that he was gran’He spoke his ain tongue like a manAn when he grew and made his choiceHe chose his Scots, his native voiceAnd I charge ye tae dae likewiseSpurn yon pair misguided cries

ScotIndyPod 18 - Ruaridh & Keith Waddell
Feb 27 2013 42 mins  
"Dodging riots and tear gas in Livingstone today. There is a by-election tomorrow and the leader of the opposition has been arrested and charged with inciting violence, personally I think Mrs Lamont should watch out as she does that every Thursday afternoon."I just got that email from the latest guests on the Scottish Independence Podcast when I emailed them to tell them I was just about to publish their episode.The guests are Ruaridh and Keith Waddell who are Scottish aid workers who have been in Zambia for some time.It's important to consider not only the good things we could get or do at home as an independent nation, but also the good we could do abroad. The conversation we had considered how our aid policy could be better than that currently offered by the United Kingdom, which often used aid to suit some more Machiavellian aims.We spoke about what they are doing over in Zambia and we also talked about the role of Scots in the British Empire, and how is not as clear cut as some people like to present it.Furthermore, we had a chat about some, and one in particular, of the less well-known independence movements that can be found around the world. People tend to know about Catalonia and Quebec and so forth but I'd be prepared to bet most of you haven't heard of this one.Enjoy.P.S. This is the advert I mentioned in the podcast that they decided you weren’t mature enough to make your own mind up on.

ScotIndyPod 15 - Krys Kujawa
Dec 12 2012 34 mins  
The most popular sport in our country is still football by far and whether we like it or not, there are strong political undercurrents to what goes on in the stadiums.Although players certainly get too much publicity, fans are often shunted to the side and treated as 2nd class citizens.Therefore, with such a momentous decision coming up for Scotland in 2014, those in favour of a Yes vote would be making a grave error if they ignored the discussions on the subject that are taking place in the stadiums and between the supporters that make up a large part of the population of Scotland.In that light, for the Scottish Independence Podcast I have decided to do an occasional series with supporters from as many different teams as possible to find out what discussions are taking place around the stadiums and in the clubs and how this might affect the referendum. They won't be consecutive, just mixed in with the other ones. If football isn't your thing don't worry as we won't be talking about the matches themselves.For the first of these I spoke to Krys Kujawa who is the host of the Celtic podcast The Paradise Report.We talked about how approaching football supporters as a block group all with the same opinions is an error. We talked about how the situation looks among the Celtic support and some of the historical and current reasons for that situation and also what might be done to persuade more of them to vote yes. It was also necessary to talk about what many feel is the increasing criminilisation of football supporters.Hope you enjoy it.Links

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