Comic Book Historians

Sep 15 2020 60 mins 301

As featured on,, and Today Show, Alex Grand, Jim Thompson and guest co-hosts start off a Journalistic Comic Book Historical discussion between fans, historians and scholars in determining what happened and when in comics, from strips and pulps to the platinum age comic book, through golden, silver, bronze and then toward modern. Topical broadcasts are made and we also take important time in interviewing professionals to get to the source of comic book history. Support us at

All Star 3: Anthony Tollin, Whilce Portacio, Jimmie Robinson, Benton Jew, & Jim Cheung with Alex Grand.
Sep 16 2019 47 mins  
CBH goes to San Diego Comic Con 2019 and interviews a variety of guests in a spontaneous artist alley free for all. Here, Alex interviews Anthony Tollin, Whilce Portacio, Jimmie Robinson, Benton Jew, and Jim Cheung. Anthony Tollin was a prolific comic colorist influenced by comics from the Golden and Silver Age, who started working at DC Comics in the early 1970s discussing his influences and co-workers like Sol Harrison, Irv Novick, Jack Adler, Jim Aparo, Bob Oksner, Walter Gibson, Lee Falk, Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, George Perez and John Byrne. He also discusses his involvement in Pulp history with the Shadow and Radio involvement with the Lone Ranger. While Portacio, comic artist influenced by Neal Adams, Jack Kirby and Alex Nino, grew up on a variety of genres in comic books especially fantasy and sci fi, got his start at Marvel inking projects like Longshot in 1985, dicovered by Carl Potts and worked on titles like Punisher, X-Men and X-Factor before moving to Image Comics in the 90s. Jimmie Robinson, comic artist who grew up on a variety of genres in comic books, inspired by Neal Adams, got his start in independent comics, discovered by Jim Valentino and created Bomb Queen for Image Comics. Benton Jew, comic artist and story board artist who has worked on various characters like She Hulk, Wolverine, Agents of Atlas, Venom, Wonder Woman and independents like Monster Verse. Jim Cheung, comic artist for the 90s who was artist for variety of superhero teams like Force Works, X-Force, Avengers, and DC's Justice League. Sound FX - Standard License. Images used in artwork ©Their Respective Copyright holders, images used for academic purpose only.

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