Washed Up Emo

Jun 23 2020 63 mins 1.6k

Join Tom Mullen for a look back at when emo was an unknown word, its relevance now and speaks to those deeply involved with the emo/punk/hardcore/post-hardcore scene.

#118 - Unheard Mineral Interview from 1997
Dec 25 2017 20 mins  
I met John Frazier in college when he was working at Tooth and Nail/Solid State Records. We’d nerd out about bands and stayed in touch over the years. Now, he runs an amazing label called Spartan Records. Go support, listen, buy something from the label if you get a chance. Great person and a great friend. Just a few weeks ago, he sends me this Mineral interview out of the blue. I am blown away by it. He told me in a subsequent email that it was a Mineral interview he did 20 years ago while they were on tour with Jimmy Eat World and Sense Field at Twisters in Richmond, Virginia on March 1st, 1997. John was street teaming for Crank! Records at the time and was program director for James Madison University’s radio station WXJM. He was doing the interview for a zine he made for the radio station. The street team participation John did led him to the job at Crank! which started him on his career. The interview is with Chris and Gabe in their van. While John was doing it, Jimmy Eat World was in the middle of their set. Fun things to note for timing, the band had released “The Power of Failing” as was at work on “EndSerending” with the producer Mark Trombino. It’s candid, so I left everything in there. At around 5:35 into the interview, they’re approached by a parking enforcement guy who claims they didn’t pay to park and they go back and forth over the $3 parking fee. Later on in the interview, they recount the whole story to someone else. If there’s any charm or insight into the BS of touring life, that’s it. Hope you enjoy this piece of history and thanks to John for sharing it with Washed Up Emo. Go check out Spartan Records and support John. Remember, this was 1997 so the sound quality, i’ve EQ’d a lot but also it’s 1997, so bear with it and enjoy the sounds of analog for 15 minutes. Complaints can be send to the emo council. [email protected] Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/washedupemo)

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