Plus or Minus: The Fudge RPG podcast

May 04 2020 37 mins 24

The most powerful (F)ree-form (U)niversal (D)o-it-yourself (G)aming (E)ngine podcast in the observable universe. Wanna hear from top creators in the space? Get game design tips? a little advice? and reviews of Fudge, Fate, and Icons based products? Listen up, and always remember to GO FORTH AND FUDGE!

Bradford Younie, The Unexplained Interview Ep. 30
May 04 2020 41 mins  
We sit down with Bradford Younie, creator of The Unexplained and Now Playing, to discuss game design.

Russell Collins Tears of a Machine Interview Ep. 29
Apr 14 2020 65 mins  
Talking about Giant Robots, Mental Health, Fudge Dice, and Tears of a Machine with Russell Collins from

Interview with Artist Denis McCarthy Ep. 28
Apr 01 2020 63 mins  
Despite the fact that I’ve been stuck at home for over a week now, I haven’t actually made much progress on any of my personal projects. Since the podcast is getting a bit delayed I thought I’d dust off this episode of the now defunct “The OSR‌ Podcast”...

Steve Kenson Icons Assembled Edition Interview Ep. 27
Mar 16 2020 69 mins  
Interviewing Steve Kenson on Icons, Mutants and Masterminds, Shadowrun, and Comic Books.

Gatecrasher Believe it or Else Ep. 26
Mar 02 2020 27 mins  
A followup to my interview with Michael Lucas, and a review of Believe it or Else for Gatecrasher

Interview with Michael Lucas creator of Gatecrasher Ep. 25
Jan 14 2020 37 mins  
Michael Lucas talks about his experience in creating and developing gatecrasher, its ultimate end, and the work he's done since.

Survival of the Able Impressions Ep. 24
Nov 12 2019 16 mins  
I finally got to sit down and play Survival of the Able, I sit down and give you me pre and post game thoughts.

Simulation vs. Narration Ep. 23
Oct 31 2019 27 mins  
I riff off Jeff Dee's recent Discussion of TableTop Immersive Simulation Gaming

Survival of the Abled Ep. 22
Sep 17 2019 41 mins  
A discussion with Jacob Wood of Accessible Games on the portrayal of disabilities in Roleplaying Games.

To The Pain Ep. 21
Aug 19 2019 30 mins  
A summary and review of the combat mechanics featured in the new Princess Bride RPG

Interview with Wes Otis of Plate Mail Games Ep. 20
Jul 08 2019 58 mins  
I interview Wes Otis about his 10 min background audio loops for tabletop gaming, as well as his experience as a sound designer

Indy Author Guest Post Ep. 19
Jun 01 2019 14 mins  
Jonathan Snyder helps us understand the world of Indie RPG publishing

Fairy Magic Ep. 18
May 25 2019 46 mins  
I discuss reskinning "African Spirit Magic" from A Magical Medley to fit non-african settings.

Interview with Jonathan Snyder of Epic Worlds LLC Ep. 17
May 06 2019 59 mins  
I interview Jonathan Snyder about Blood In Space, Self Publishing, and Military Science Fiction.

Tag your It Ep. 16
Mar 16 2019 19 mins  
A short episode where I introduce a new trait, Tags!

Interview with Jacob Wood of Accessible Games Ep. 15
Mar 06 2019 46 mins  
Jacob Wood drops in to discuss Accessibility in Role playing Games, and specifically Fudge.

First Christmas Ep. 14
Dec 18 2018 22 mins  
A look back at this season, and a look forward to the next

The Fractal Ep. 13
Nov 13 2018 39 mins  
Breaking down the Bronze Rule for Fudge

Happy Halloween Ep. 12
Oct 28 2018 56 mins  
Exploring horror RPGs and what can be borrowed into Fudge games

Getting Started Ep. 11
Oct 25 2018 30 mins  
Getting started with the Fudge RPG

Fudge Dice Ep. 10
Sep 22 2018 43 mins  
A discussion of Dice in relation to the game of Fudge

Attributes Ep. 9
Aug 22 2018 27 mins  
Discussing all the different ways to bend, spindle, or mutilate attributes in Fudge

A Magical Medley, Review, Part 2 Ep. 8
Aug 06 2018 23 mins  
The second half of my review of A Magical Medley by Grey Ghost Games

A Magical Medley, Review, Part 1 Ep. 7
Jul 22 2018 21 mins  
A review of A Magical Medley, a collection of magic rule systems for the Fudge RPG

A Huge Mess Ep. 6
Jul 05 2018 27 mins  
Revisiting and correcting my clarification on Scale, and a review of Another Fine Mess from Grey Ghost Games.

Building Fudge Games Ep. 5
Jun 20 2018 31 mins  
A comparison of various Fudge builds to give you some ideas when building your own games.

The Long Game Ep. 4
Jun 04 2018 31 mins  
Running long term campaigns in Fudge

Damage Factors Ep. 3
May 21 2018 31 mins  
Damage Factors explained and analyzed.

Matters of Scale Ep. 2
May 07 2018 33 mins  
A robust discussion of Scale mechanics in the Fudge roleplaying Game

First Episode Ep. 1
May 06 2018 28 mins  
First episode, exploring the History of Fudge and its relationship to Fate and Icons.

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