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#SoccerChat with coaches Nicholas Rizzo and Shaun Soderling give you a behind the scenes view as they tackle all the topics going on in the soccer coaching world and speak to coaches from all levels about their coaching journey. Join each week as they cover a variety of topics and featured guest interviews! Join the discussion on twitter every Wednesday night at 9:30PM EST using #SoccerChat.

Eilidh Thomson
Jul 09 2020 70 mins  
Eilidh Thomson, Virignia Women's Assistant

Jun 04 2020 129 mins  

T.R. Bell
May 28 2020 77 mins  
T.R. Bell, Lake Forest Women's Head Coach

Madison Kroger & Trip Rogers
May 14 2020 67 mins  
Madison Kroger & Trip Rogers

Bianca Keil
May 07 2020 70 mins  
Bianca Keil, University of Minnesota Morris Women's Head Coach

Kia McNeill
May 01 2020 76 mins  
Kia McNeill, Brown University Women's Socer Head Coach

Kendyl Baird
Apr 24 2020 73 mins  
Kendyl Baird, College Women and HS Boys Head Coach

Carin Gabarra
Apr 16 2020 97 mins  
Carin Gabarra, Navy Women's Head Coach

Adaptive Soccer Call
Apr 09 2020 116 mins  
Adaptive Soccer Coaches Call

John Mandsholdt & Gabe Attanasio
Apr 03 2020 70 mins  
Coaches of MacMurray College

Coronavirus Coaches Skype Call
Mar 26 2020 112 mins  
Coaches Skype Call

Bobby Puppione & Jon Lipsitz
Mar 19 2020 77 mins  
Bobby Puppione and Jon Lipsitz

The EXACT Soccer Camp Show LIVE From Baltimore
Mar 16 2020 47 mins  
Back in January we held our 2nd annual EXACT SPORTS show live from the United Soccer Coaches Convention. Chris took the show over once again and talked with our panel about what it's like for coaches to work the EXACT camps, the experiences and network...

Randy Waldrum LIVE From Baltimore
Mar 06 2020 70 mins  
Randy Waldrum, University of Pittsburgh Women's Head Coach

TOPSoccer LIVE From Baltimore
Feb 27 2020 66 mins  
TOPSoccer LIVE In Baltimore

WWISAC Symposium Preview
Feb 20 2020 84 mins  
Wisconsin Women In Soccer Advisory Council Symposium Preview

duKTig Brand LIVE Powered By EXACT Sports
Feb 13 2020 52 mins  
Tiffany Wiemer and Adelaide Gay of duKTig Brand

Shannon DeNinno
Feb 06 2020 83 mins  
Shannon DeNinno, Aurora University Women's Head Coach

Gary Yohe
Jan 30 2020 87 mins  
Gary Yohe, Marian University Women's Head Coach

Ann Murphy LIVE Powered By Exact Sports
Jan 23 2020 71 mins  
Ann Murphy, 2019 United Soccer Coaches Jerry Yeagley Award Winner

2020 United Soccer Coaches Convention Preview
Jan 16 2020 34 mins  
2020 United Soccer Coaches Convention Preview

Geoff VanDeusen
Jan 09 2020 74 mins  
Geoff VanDeusen, United Soccer Coaches Director of Operations and Events

Willie McNab
Jan 01 2020 67 mins  
Willie McNab, Celtic FC and United Soccer Coaches #BMore20 Presenter

Laura Harvey
Dec 25 2019 65 mins  
Laura Harvey, Utah Royals FC Head Coach

Douglas Williamson
Dec 19 2019 66 mins  
Douglas Williamson

Giovanni Pacini
Dec 12 2019 76 mins  
Giovanni Pacini, United Soccer Coaches Academy Staff

Andre Ricks
Dec 10 2019 74 mins  
Andre Hicks, Charlotte Independence SC

Paul Kelshaw
Nov 21 2019 73 mins  
Paul Kelshaw, Hewlett Lawrence Director of Coaching

Jade Smith
Nov 14 2019 77 mins  
Jade Smith, St. Cloud State Women's Assistant Coach

State of US Soccer with Jon Denham
Nov 07 2019 78 mins  
State Of US Soccer

Roman DuChateau
Oct 31 2019 80 mins  
Roman DuChateau, Western Kentucky Women's Assistant

Kooten Johnson
Oct 24 2019 76 mins  
Kooten Johnson, Monmouth Men's Head Coach

FACEOFF: Joe Sagar
Oct 18 2019 82 mins  
Joe Sagar, Lawrence Womens Head Coach

Connor McKee
Oct 11 2019 74 mins  
Connor McKee, Beloit College Women's Head Coach

Lauren and Aimee Sinacola
Oct 03 2019 92 mins  
Lauren Sinacola, University of Notre Dame Women's Assistant and Aimee Sinacola, IU-South Bend SID

Joe Cleary
Sep 26 2019 85 mins  
Joe Cleary, Wayne State College Women's Head Coach

Tim Wolz
Sep 19 2019 86 mins  
Tim Wolz, Midway University Men's Soccer Head Coach

Roni Andrew
Sep 13 2019 86 mins  
Roni Andrew, North Shore United Soccer Club Grassroots Director

Josh Scott
Sep 05 2019 86 mins  
Josh Scott, East Tennessee State Men's Assistant Coach

Adrienne Sorenson
Aug 29 2019 90 mins  
Adrienne Sorenson, SJ Delta College Women's Head Coach

Manny Martins
Aug 22 2019 81 mins  
Manny Martins, Oregon Women's Assistant and USWNT Scout

Kirk Brazeau
Aug 16 2019 83 mins  
Kirk Brazeau, DOC Toledo Celtics

Shay Haddow
Aug 01 2019 74 mins  
Shay Haddow, Alpha Girl Soccer Academy

Maya Hayes
Jul 25 2019 77 mins  
Maya Hayes, Auburn University Graduate Assistant

2 New Guyz
Jul 18 2019 70 mins  
Mike Wentzler and Miles Maynard

EXACT Sports LIVE From United Soccer Coaches Convention in Chicago
Jul 12 2019 62 mins  
EXACT Sports LIVE From Chicago

Camp SZN
Jul 06 2019 39 mins  
Camp SZN

#SoccerChat Global Teams Announcement
Jun 20 2019 27 mins  
#SoccerChat Global Teams Announcement

Becky Burleigh
Jun 20 2019 95 mins  
Becky Burleigh, University of Florida Head Coach

Shaun's Birthday Party
Jun 13 2019 94 mins  
Shaun's Birthday Party

Pete Nowakowski
Jun 06 2019 88 mins  
Pete Nowakowski, Upgrade FC Founder

2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Preview
Jun 05 2019 54 mins  
Nick and Shaun are joined by Shane Stay, best selling author of the new book "The Womens World Cup 2019 Book: Everything You Need To Know" as they give you information on all the groups and who they think will come out on top. Learn some new names to...

Randy Waldrum LIVE From Chicago
May 30 2019 83 mins  
Randy Waldrum, University of Pittsburgh Women's Head Coach

Lora Gralheer and Yael Averbuch West
May 23 2019 100 mins  
Lora Gralheer, Kentucky Fire Jrs and Yael Averbuch West, Techne Futbol

Ashley Kaufman
May 16 2019 100 mins  
Ashley Kaufman, Connecticut Football Club coach

Adam Ponder
May 09 2019 95 mins  
Adam Ponder, Muskingum Men's Head Coach

Dr. Laura Jackson
May 03 2019 95 mins  
Dr. Laura Jackson, Kansas Womens' Asst Coach and Jamaica National Team Member

SC092 Matt Pucci
Apr 25 2019 96 mins  
Matt Pucci, Loras College Women's Head Coach

SC091 Skye Eddy Bruce
Apr 19 2019 98 mins  
Skye Eddy Bruce, founder of Soccer Parenting

SC090 Michael Manthey
Apr 11 2019 87 mins  
Michael Manthey, AFA Fillies

SC089 Daniel Cherbonnier
Apr 04 2019 84 mins  
Daniel Cherbonnier, Tulsa Assistant Coach

SC088 More shows from #CHI19
Mar 28 2019 86 mins  
More shows from United Soccer Coaches' #CHI19

SC087 Jenny Ruiz Williams
Mar 21 2019 90 mins  
Jenny Ruiz Williams, Oregon State Women's Assistant

SC086 Jeremy Handler
Mar 14 2019 91 mins  
Jeremy Handler, Minnesota United FC Academy Coach

SC085 Ricky Clarke
Mar 07 2019 80 mins  
Ricky Clarke, Southern Soccer Academy DA Program Director

SC084 Jared Embick
Feb 28 2019 89 mins  
Jared Embick, Akron Men's Soccer Head Coach

SC083 TOPSoccer and Dan Abrahams
Feb 21 2019 73 mins  
Dan Abrahams, Shaun Danhouser, Sean Addison, Meghan Ward

SC082 David Copeland-Smith
Feb 14 2019 95 mins  
David Copeland-Smith, founder of Beast Mode Soccer

SC081 John Pranjic
Feb 07 2019 95 mins  
John Pranjic, host of #343Podcast

SPECIAL SHOW - Worldstride Excel Programs from #CHI19
Feb 02 2019 33 mins  
Worldstride Excel Programs

SPECIAL SHOW - Keeper Goals LIVE From #CHI19
Jan 31 2019 48 mins  
Keeper Goals and Friends (along with the MAIN EVENT)

SC080 Chris Rich
Jan 31 2019 87 mins  
Chris Rich, Duke University Men's Soccer Assistant Coach

SC078 Camp Shutout Clown Show
Jan 25 2019 56 mins  
Goalkeeping Coaches Stan Anderson, Jon Busch, Eric Vaughter

SC079 duKTig Brand LIVE from #CHI19
Jan 24 2019 34 mins  
duKTig Brand owners/founders Adelaide Gay & Tiffany Weimer

SC77 Torrx Presents The Puppiones LIVE
Jan 17 2019 64 mins  
Torrx Presents The Puppiones

USC #CHI19 Convention Preview Show
Jan 10 2019 62 mins  
United Soccer Coaches 2019 Convention Preview

SC076 Haley Carter
Jan 06 2019 91 mins  
Haley Carter, Afghanistan WNT Assistant Coach

2018 Year In Review
Dec 28 2018 95 mins  
2018 Year In Review

SC075 Tiffany Pins
Dec 21 2018 87 mins  
Tiffany Pins, Wartburg Women's Head Coach

SC073 Wisconsin Women's Soccer Symposium
Dec 13 2018 88 mins  
Highlights From The Wisconsin Women's Soccer Advisory Council's Symposium

SC073 Shannon Smyth
Dec 06 2018 97 mins  
Shannon Smyth, North Shore United Techincal Director

SC072 Michael Missmer
Nov 29 2018 92 mins  
Michael Missmer, Penn State Lehigh Valley Women's Head Coach

Nov 22 2018 77 mins  

SC071 Erin Egolf
Nov 15 2018 85 mins  
Erin Egolf, UIS Women's Head Coach

Nov 08 2018 89 mins  

SC069 Chris Haught-Thompson
Oct 25 2018 85 mins  
Chris Haught-Thompson, Knox College Women's Head Coach

SC068 Ellis Riley
Oct 18 2018 86 mins  
Ellis Riley, Hastings College Women's Soccer Graduate Assistant

SC067 Derek Puls
Oct 11 2018 87 mins  
Derek Puls, Midland Soccer Club Coach

SC066 Tyler Smaha
Oct 04 2018 78 mins  
Tyler Smaha, Johnston High School Boys Assistant Coach

SC065 David Robertson
Sep 27 2018 83 mins  
David Robertson, CUP DA Coach

SC064 Colton Bryant
Sep 20 2018 90 mins  
Colton Bryant, Columbia State Women's Head Coach

SC063 Ian Wilson
Sep 14 2018 87 mins  
Ian Wilson, Carthage College Women's Head Coach

SC062 Simon Wigley
Sep 06 2018 85 mins  
Simon Wigley, Cincinnati Women's Volunteer Assistant

SC061 Jen Dimos
Aug 30 2018 89 mins  
Jen Dimos, Smith College Women's Graduate Assistant

SC060 Joe Sagar
Aug 23 2018 80 mins  
Joe Sagar, Lawrence Womens Head Coach

SC059 Katy Rees
Aug 16 2018 87 mins  
Katy Rees, Monmouth College Women's Assistant

SC058 Jaron Hulme
Aug 09 2018 82 mins  
Jaron Hulme, Alderson Broaddus Women's Head Coach

SC057 Ian Sarachan
Aug 02 2018 84 mins  
Ian Sarachan, Santa Clara Men's Assistant

SC56 Preseason Leadership
Jul 27 2018 93 mins  
Molly Grisham, Leadership/Development/Team Building Consultant

SC056 Dustin Wise
Jul 19 2018 86 mins  
Dustin Wise, Liverpool Academy Maryland Coach

SC055 Jon Busch (Part II)
Jul 12 2018 92 mins  
Jon Busch, Former MLS and USMNT Goalkeeper comes back for more #SoccerChat

100K Celebration Party (And some World Cup stuff)
Jul 05 2018 67 mins  
Celebrating the 100K listens milestone and talk about the World Cup!

SC054 Jason Broadwater
Jun 28 2018 95 mins  
Jason Broadwater, Beadling Soccer Club

SC053 Jon Busch
Jun 21 2018 92 mins  
Jon Busch, Former MLS and USMNT Goalkeeper

SC052 #SoccerChat's 1 Year Anniversary
Jun 14 2018 101 mins  
#SoccerChat 1 Year Anniversary

BONUS SHOW - World Cup Preview
Jun 13 2018 86 mins  
2018 World Cup Preview

SC051 Ger Coppinger
Jun 07 2018 83 mins  
Ger Coppinger, University of Akron Men's Soccer Assistant

SC050 Jeff Freeman
May 31 2018 87 mins  
Jeff Freeman, University of Illinois Women's Soccer Associate Head Coach

SC049 Declan Doherty
May 24 2018 86 mins  
Declan Doherty, University of Evansville Women's Assistant

SC048 Josh Oldroyd
May 17 2018 88 mins  
Josh Oldroyd, University of Kentucky Men's Assistant Coach

SC047 Ian Henry
May 10 2018 84 mins  
Ian Henry, Central Arkansas Men's Assistant Coach

SC046 Dan Rothert
May 03 2018 82 mins  
Dan Rothert, Loras College Men's Soccer Head Coach

SC045 Sarah Lowdon and Samantha Etherington
Apr 26 2018 83 mins  
Sarah Lowdon, University of Florida Assistant and Samantha Etherington, Louisiana College Head Coach

SC044 Kat Nichols
Apr 19 2018 84 mins  
Kat Nichols, Vestavia Soccer Club Coach

SC043 Thomas White
Apr 12 2018 84 mins  
Thomas White, Notre Dame Prep Girls Head Coach

SC042 Clifton Bush
Apr 05 2018 83 mins  
Clifton Bush, Director of Modern Soccer Coach Education

SC041 Stan Anderson
Mar 29 2018 87 mins  
Stan Anderson, founder of Camp Shutout

SC040 Jamie Forbes & Katie Berkopec
Mar 22 2018 92 mins  
Jamie Forbes, Assistant Coach at University of Illinois Chicago and Katie Berkopec, Assistant Coach at Loyola University

SC039 Bruce Erickson
Mar 15 2018 82 mins  
Bruce Erickson, University of Northern Iowa Women's Head Coach

SC038 Angela Kelly
Mar 08 2018 85 mins  
Angela Kelly, University of Texas Women's Head Coach

SC037 Matt Mott
Feb 28 2018 84 mins  
Matt Mott, University of Mississippi Women's Head Coach

SC036 Peter May
Feb 21 2018 79 mins  
Peter May, Colorado Rush Youth Boys Director of Coaching

SC035 Molly Grisham
Feb 15 2018 78 mins  
Molly Grisham, A Person of Influence Leadership Development

USSF Election Reaction Show
Feb 10 2018 105 mins  
Jon Denham joins to discuss the results fo the USSF President election

SC034 Mike Melton
Feb 08 2018 81 mins  
Mike Melton, Mercer University Women's Assistant Coach

SC033 Derek Willis
Feb 01 2018 77 mins  
Derek Willis, Georgetown College Men's Head Coach

SC032 Manya Makoski Puppione
Jan 25 2018 82 mins  
Manya Makoski Puppione, University of Maryland Women's Assistant Coach

SC031 Shawn Danhouser
Jan 18 2018 79 mins  
Shawn Danhouser, Illinois Top Soccer

SC030 Randy Waldrum
Jan 11 2018 87 mins  
Randy Waldrum, University of Pittsburgh Women's Head Coach

SC029 Jess Nash
Jan 04 2018 90 mins  
Jess Nash, the Rush Wisconsin Youth Director of Coaching

SC028 Gary Curneen
Dec 28 2017 86 mins  
Gary Curneen, California State University Bakersfield Women's Head Coach and owner of ModernSoccerCoach

SC027 Daisy Simms
Dec 21 2017 85 mins  
Daisy Simms, North Iowa Area Community College Women's Assistant

SC026 Michael Eade
Dec 14 2017 84 mins  
Michael Eade, University of Central Missouri Goalkeeper Coach

SC024 Chris Limle
Nov 30 2017 82 mins  
Chris Limle, Muskingum University Men's Head Coach

SC02 Matt Tebo
Nov 16 2017 91 mins  
Matt Tebo, Rush Wisconsin Boys Senior Academy Director

SC022 Beau Farrell
Nov 09 2017 90 mins  
Beau Farrell

SC021 Spencer Sandow
Nov 02 2017 90 mins  
Spencer Sandow, Lakeland University Women's Graduate Assistant

SC020 Kai Edwards
Oct 26 2017 93 mins  
Kai Edwards, University of Michigan Women's Assistant Coach

SC019 Simon Brown
Oct 19 2017 87 mins  
Simon Brown, William Penn Associate Head Coach

SPECIAL SHOW #1- The State Of US Men's National Team
Oct 14 2017 98 mins  
A roundtable discussion about the current state of the US Men's National Soccer Team.

SC018 Paul Lawrence
Oct 12 2017 81 mins  
Paul Lawrence, Florida Souther Womens Soccer Head Coach

SC017 Marisa Kresge
Oct 05 2017 85 mins  
Marisa Kresge, University of Wisconsin Women's Assistant Coach

SC016 Stu Riddle
Sep 28 2017 87 mins  
Stu Riddle, Northern Kentucky University Men's Soccer Head Coach

SC015 Bianca Jauregui, Clifford Jordan, Ian Wilson
Sep 21 2017 87 mins  
College soccer coaches talk about recruiting, their teams, and being successful in this career.

SC014 Mike Kobylinski
Sep 14 2017 94 mins  
Mike Kobylinski, Central College Women's Soccer Head Coach

SC013 Jon Fridal
Sep 08 2017 84 mins  
Jon Fridal, Indian Hills Community College Men's Soccer Head Coach

SC012 Matt Kagan
Aug 31 2017 84 mins  
Matt Kagan, Mississippi State Women's Soccer Associate Head Coach

#HoustonStrong with Diego Bocanegra
Aug 30 2017 19 mins  
Diego Bocanegra, University Of Houston Women's Head Coach

SC011 Matt Smith
Aug 24 2017 82 mins  
Matt Smith, Ottawa University of Arizona Women's Soccer Assistant Coach

SC010 George Hageage
Aug 17 2017 84 mins  
George Hageage, Midland Soccer Club Technical Director

SC009 Scott Wilson
Aug 10 2017 81 mins  
Scott Wilson, Boys Coach with Indiana Fire Juniors South

SC008 Nathan Kogut & Patrick McGinnis
Aug 03 2017 87 mins  
Best Friends Nathan Kogut from Illinois College and Patrick McGinnis of Ohio Dominican

SC007 Raleigh DeRose
Jul 27 2017 69 mins  
Raliegh DeRose, Brown University Women's Soccer Assistant Coach

SC006 Lauren "Smurf" Sinacola
Jul 20 2017 81 mins  
Lauren Sinacola, Western Michigan Women's Head Coach

SC005 Dawn Crow
Jul 13 2017 74 mins  
Dawn Crow, Wisconsin-Stevens Point Women's Head Coach

SC004 Jeremy Clark
Jul 06 2017 77 mins  
Jeremy Clark, UC Santa Barbara Goalkeeper Coach

SC003 Cory Sims
Jun 29 2017 73 mins  
Cory Sims, Madison College Men's Soccer Head Coach

SC002 Sam Schroeder
Jun 22 2017 92 mins  
Sam Schroeder, Indiana State University Women's Soccer Assistant Coach

SC001 Scott Phipps
Jun 15 2017 81 mins  
Alderson Broaddus Men's Head Coach Scott Phipps

#SoccerChat Preview
Jun 05 2017 35 mins  
In this episode of #SoccerChat, coaches Nicholas Rizzo and Shaun Soderling give you a sample of what #SoccerChat will sound like as they tackle all the topics going on in the soccer coaching world. Join each week as they cover a variety of topics and...

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